I have received this from many and asked Karen to comment..this was her response:

Dear Alexandra,

I saw it for the first time a couple of days ago, and forwarded it to one of the broadcasters on RBN, John Stadtmiller, whose program I had been on recently.  John did not get back to me.  
As a fencer I learned that the best way to deal with vicious attacks is by counter-attack. I am just coming back from an appreciative public at a speaking engagement, and I think that RBN is likely to lose more credibility with this than I me. Why does Republic Broadcasting Network publish anonymous slander?  Would a deceiver ask this question of General Dempsey, as I just did in Veterans Today?  http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/03/12/second-facebook-town-hall-with-general-martin-e-dempsey/
Here is what someone just sent me on that “hatchet job”

Dear Karen,

      I see after being on John Stadmiller’s program earlier this week. I have not made a judgment about you and your husband dealings. Just because of UN involvement of your husband does not mean anything sinister is happening. Does not mean anything. I notice when things are so close to making a fundamental change in the world financial system when humanity regains control of the dollar and gold from the bankers. Here comes the trolls and character assassins who might be coming out to make you waste time to make you answer baseless accusations. They try to muddy the water or put blood in the water to bring out the sharks.  I notice there is no author . It just says RBN and News. No name at the top. Who written this hit piece? Who is the author who accused you of being a Jewish Marxist. Where is the proof? There is no source or evidence making that claim. The sources are very vague that are hyper-linked. I know you have not misled anyone and somethings in your personal life are none of my business. I do not appreciate people revealing what you and your husband do that is between you and him buying land as dirty laundry or being suspect. I am with you. Besides I can tell the difference between chicken manure and chicken salad when i read these hit pieces because there is nothing backing up what they write.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Karen Hudes
Date: Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 8:23 PM
Subject: Fwd: Karen Hudes: Whistle-Blower Or Deceiver?
To: johnstadtmiller@hotmail.com

Dear John,

I’m not sure who was responsible for this, but when I went to correct it, I saw the comments were closed.  Could you get me a chance to rebut this?

On Thu, Mar 13, 2014 at 9:58 PM, Alexandra  wrote:
I have been getting this a lot today….
Don’t know if you want to know about it but I thought I would send it your way. If you want me to say anything on your behalf, let me know.



Front Page


March 11, 2014 in News by RBN


With the enormous growth of the world Internet, many eminent people nowadays deliberately try to hide much of their biographical, business, family and relationship details from others, because if many of these secret details, especially if they contradict the image the person publicly represents , were accessible  by the public much of this information could portray them in an entirely different light. Karen Hudes is one of these such people.

Initially, I had great difficulty in finding out much about her other than the extremely sparse detail she has publicly volunteered to reveal about herself. Unfortunately, to succeed in pulling the wool over everybody’s eyes for an extended period you either have to be a great liar or have to be extremely meticulous in what you do. As a lawyer, and as we know all lawyers are simply highly paid liars, Mrs Hudes misses out on that one. And as far as being meticulous, she falls short on that one two.  It was hard work, but how I initially found out much more about her and her husband was through property transaction records, home sales and real estate listings in Washington D.C. posted on the Internet. It was through these records that I found out her husband’s real name which is different to her own! These property transaction records with a Google-earth view of her and her husband’s home at 5203 Falmouth Road, Westmorelan Hills, Bethesda, MD, an upmarket suburb out of Washington DC, can be viewed here: http://dc.blockshopper.com/property/7-048-00546615/5214_falmouth_road/  These records show the property was purchased by; Karen Hudes (Revocable Trust) and Barry Alexander Spergel (Trustee) and Barry Alexander Spergel (Revocable Trust) and Karen Hudes Spergel (Trustee) on June 3, 2010. From these details revealing her and her husband’s true name a whole new picture was created.

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