What we call karma is directly related to both energy and the element of time. When we speak about our karma we are generally speaking of energy related to things that have happened in the past. Even if that was one second ago, it is in the past.


Ascended Master Menon has indicated that in order to transmute karma we need to also need to properly re-calibrate the element of time that is involved.


Our left-brain minds work in the realm of linear time. Yet the true nature of time is multi-dimensional and spherical. Linear time is one component of the multi-dimensional time sphere. It is a valid reality but it is not representative of the whole hologram of the multi-dimensional time sphere.


A simple analogy would be the major shipping routes on the ocean (linear time) and all the possibilities of routes boats could travel on the ocean (multi-dimensional time sphere).


In linear time realities, in order to go from A to Z we must pass through B, C, D… etc. In the hologram of the multi-dimensional time sphere we can go directly from any point in “time” to any other point in “time” directly without such a linear progression-regression.


When we truly heal/transmute past trauma/karma we have accessed the multi-dimensional time sphere to do so without fully realizing it. The only way karma as energy patterns that we experienced in our past can be healed and transmuted is by going directly to the resonance of that energy pattern and changing it.


To go directly to that energy pattern and effect this change requires a re-calibration of the time component in a way that effectively collapses the linear time line and thus eliminates it.


In the multi-dimensional time sphere this time line collapse is a simple re-association of energy with the time node involved. From the perspective of linear time, in order to accomplish this re-association, first the linearity of the time component must be re-calibrated to the greater hologram of the multi-dimensional time sphere. This then appears to be a collapse of the time line involved.


Now here is the real beautiful and simple part of this somewhat technical metaphysical dynamic. If we are operating consciously from the hologram of the multi-dimensional time sphere rather than being imprisoned within the linear time component used by our left brain, then what we call karma (imbalanced energy) is not even possible because we will always be in balance!


The Temple of Asha’Ha ~ Breath of Infinite NOW Presencetransmission is being presided over and directly facilitated by Ascended Master Lord Menon, a Sirian Solar Lord and member of the High Sirian Council. He just informed me that he is also a Master of Time!


There is a powerful teaching on the nature of time imparted. In the meditation Lord Menon takes us through a process for shifting into using the multi-dimensional time sphere for resolving life’s problems in a much more effective way!


Using this technique being taught by Master Menon is an excellent way to re-orient our minds into the multi-dimensional time sphere so that as we work within the linear time element of our world we do not get stuck within it. As we accomplish this ourselves to a higher degree we also help re-orient our collective, we are all One!


Our New Earth Mother Gaia An’Ma has another lovely message and transmission for us that will be facilitated by Karen Ani’Ra to bring it all home to ground zero in our beingness on Earth.


Please join us and the lovely cosmic group energy forming for this Temple of Asha’Ha ~ Breath of NOW Presencetransmission with your special love-light!  


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Temple of Asha’Ha
Breath of Infinite NOW Presence
New Earth Pure Consciousness
Multi-dimensional High Energy Transmission  facilitated by Karen Ani’Ra & Simeon Chi’Ra

w/ the Metatronic Councils of Light

Sunday, 8/19/12
11am MDT (5pm GMT/UTC)

app. 90-120 minutes

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This is the seventh in this series of nine New Earth transmissions of pure consciousness. The previous six transmissions in this series are as follows:


The Temple of Asha’Ha works energetically within the chronos or time functions of the universe. It is also related to awareness within the field of time and the “Breath” of all time that exhales the limited now and inhales the infinite NOW Presence.

This Temple thus represents the vibrational key that opens the door so we can enter into the multi-dimensional time sphere.
Linear time is not itself an illusion, it is simply one small segment of, and one way of relating to, the chronos functions in the universe! The illusion is that linear time is all there is!

In the non-linear experience of time we reside in the center of this multi-dimensional time sphere… read more





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