Published on May 17, 2016

Alexandra Meadors and Brad Johnson have a lively and engaging conversation and warmly reminisce in regards to the powerful way that Alexandra and Steve Meadors first met Brad Johnson back in 2013. They discuss the parallels in their own paths and the amazing relationships forged and well as the synchronizations that continued to unfold then and even to this very day.

They share how they were guided to work in shutting down the negative portals and timelines and were being shown that this was now connecting the Native Ancestrals and healing the violence and wars that had occurred in these areas. They take us on a journey of the sometimes intense clearings, cleanings that they performed and what it felt like to follow the higher heart and Divine Guidance in these times. They shared how trusting that intuitive and deeper inner knowing that led them to trust that call and answer by taking drastic action and stepping out in faith!

Alexandra briefly goes into the codes and how these relate to the frequencies and the tones which, in turn, prompt us to the various missions and locations that we are in resonance with, at the time. Brad shares how that Hawaii is experiencing the renewal of the Islands and the people and how we all play a major part in merging the timelines. He also shares how that this merging of the timelines is more effective if we come at this with the energies of unconditional love, forgiveness and understanding of ourselves and all those around us.

The views and opinions expressed herein are those of person(s) interviewed and do not necessarily reflect those of Alexandra Meadors and Galactic Connection.

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