If you haven’t heard about Bitcoin, it is a hot topic right now so that the public can unplug from the the corrupt and highly surveillanced financial industry…this video covers why it is SO IMPORTANT for us to reiew our options of what method we will be using to purchase future goods and services WITHOUT the interference of governemental control.  They also will be sharing tips regarding cyber security for our own personal computers.  The Bitcoin topic is covered in the second half of the video. Make sure you sign up for his new release of information once this site is launched at http://shadowlife.cc

Bitcoin  is a peer-to-peer digital currency created by the pseudonymous entity, Satoshi Nakamoto. One Bitcoin is divided into 100-million smaller units called satoshis.

Bitcoins can be exchanged and managed throughout the world through various websites and software along with physical banknotes and coins.

Published on Sep 25, 2012 by RussiaToday
In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the bankstatocracy that has led to what the mainstream financial media calls an ‘unintended’ wealth gap in the consumer sector – between those recovered-from-recession and those still-struggling. To suggest that this gap is intentional, however, is considered now ‘suspicious’ behavior by the US government. And they also look at the ‘wealth managers’ for the poor in Australia. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to privacy extremist Frank Braun about sneaker net and privacy, the libertarian case for bitcoin and a flourishing over the counter bitcoin exchange.

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