Thanks Heru

Heru: Suggest those wishing to purchase the Keshe Power systems tune into this mornings special session where the systems are explained and you can see the basic, crude system, constructed last week is shown.

Keshe-Plasma-Generator-300x243Also the flying car is to be revealed in the next 4 weeks and the history of the blockage of these systems is gone/over. The delay has been about 5-6 years, but now the knowledge is so widespread that it can not longer be stopped.  These systems have been operating in Europe for the last 5 months or so and are now being released publicly, and the schematics for the basic system, which can be built at home are out there on the internet already. Very simple to put together, although nowhere near as compact and aesthetic as the commercial versions.Those with electric cars will never need to recharge and those with gasoline engines will see drastic reductions in your fuel consumption. In the next 4 weeks the flying cars will be demonstrated and then the argument is over.  Try to tell someone with one of these that it is impossible LOL.

This tech is being released in commercial form one piece at a time and it does have some implications which need to be understood, so suggest learning as much as you can about it in order to be better prepared for the future which faces all of us, but one way or the other the future is now here and will change our civilization in ways we can’t even imagine. As Keshe has repeatedly stated, the time for talk if over and the time for the Change is now !

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NASA Commercial Technology Team

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