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Alexandra – this information we are trying to spread about Kevin Annett’s work is being blocked.
a German reader tried to send to friend in England who could not read. This is such a hot potato – this is THE HOTTEST POTATO ON THE PLANET right now…..
If you still do not have an overall view of who Kevin Annett is and the absolutely vital role that this man is playing on this planet at this time then you would be very well advised to listen to this fantastic interview with him by Alexandra Meadors of Galactic Connection.
I will not take the time to introduce what is taken up here because everything that could possibly be taken up has been.

Can one person alone bring down the Matrix?
Can one person alone bring down the evil Jesuit archon run group who run this Matrix with their various minions?
No that’s impossible – because the powers controlling this Matrix have been running the show from the Etheric Astral planes.

However this one man’s work – will be instrumental – vital – in bringing down the people that control us in this Matrix in the physical now 4-5 D reality {3 is gone!}. In bringing down the people who are pulling all the strings in this Matrix namely the Pope – the Queen of England – and people like the ex-King of Belgium {who has just threatened M Keshe and his family with death – Keshe having technology available so that we can cure all disease, create clean water, food – protein from air – free energy – take us into outer space this year on a ‘proper’ spaceship etc.}.
You will learn in this interview how the Real Pope – the one still holding the power is the one hiding in the Vatican. There is more than enough evidence to completely implicate and imprison the person known as Pope Benedict, Queen Elisabeth, the present pretend Pope Francis and hundreds of other well-known leaders and politicians on this planet.

The Enormous Importance of this Mans Work

To understand the importance of this one man’s work is paramount to you having a true understanding of how these unbelievably evil controlling beings have managed to totally manipulate this planet through their control of more than 2/3rd’s of the religious practices and NB 2/3rds of the education system of children on this planet.

Elephant in the Room
Because this particular ‘Elephant in the Room’ has literally been hanging around in nearly 70% of all the living rooms on this planet – it’s a pretty big – understatement – Elephant to say the least.
This Elephant has controlled RELIGION – EDUCATION – FINANCE – SCIENCE – TECHNOLOGY – THE FACTS THAT WE BELONG TO A GALACTIC BROTHERHOOD – and just about everything else pertaining to all of these areas on this planet.

Last night I visited Golden Age of Gaia and saw a heading telling how an Australian billionaire had created a grass roots movement to end slavery. Following quotes are from the two articles about this
“Anglican Church allies with the Vatican and Al-Azhar university in plan to stamp out the scourge of modern-day slavery, from sex trafficking to indentured labourers
An Australian jackaroo-turned-mining magnate brought together the Anglican Church and the Vatican on Monday in an ambitious plan to stamp out modern-day slavery, which affects an estimated 30 million people worldwide.”

“Mr Forrest, who is ranked 270th on Forbes’ list of the world’s richest people and has given away much of his fortune to charity, founded his Walk Free Foundation in 2012 to mobilise a grass-roots movement to end slavery.
Last year the foundation published the “Global Slavery Index,” a country-by-country breakdown which found that around 30 million people are enslaved around the globe, from women in Eastern Europe sold as prostitutes to child soldiers in Africa.
Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, who signed the initiative on behalf of the Pope, called modern-day slavery a “crime against humanity”. {The audacity of them!!}

This Australian man is doing great work from his heart to stop slavery worldwide. The pretend Pope did not sign this – how could they possible sign a desire to prevent slavery when they are the ones enslaving us all. NB Notice how the two groups signing this represent two of the religions which are controlled by the Jesuits. You have all heard of the Muslim – Jesuit controlled – Brotherhood and how they along with the Jesuit run Blackwater mercenary Army are the ones trying to create a Third World War every time they get a chance.

Did you notice here that the Anglican Church was aligning with the Vatican In this project? Kevin has informed us months ago how the big evidence – the biggest proof that the Vatican and The Crown of England are ‘in bed together’ is the document {a copy of which can be found on the ITCCS site} called ‘crimum solicitados’ which the Queen signed along with Pope Benedict at Holyrood Castle Scotland 2 years ago. In the signing of this document the Queen has agreed that Anglican priests now agree to the same rules as Catholic priests namely that crimes of paedophilia are to be kept quiet about.
And now these evil bastards use this man’s great idea to once again prove to the world what great work the Vatican, The Anglican church, and now Islam are doing together to keep millions from enslavement worldwide!!!

I work with refugees. The other day a young woman from Eritrea explained to me that there were four religious groups in her country – Catholics, Muslims, Orthodox Christians and Protestants. She explained how her family were Orthodox and that in recent years they had {army – military} started arresting many Protestant and Orthodox priests!

70-80% of ‘jobs’ or so called work available in this country is after you do – both girls and boys – a two year military service – to go back into the army and be paid 30-40 Euro a month!

Do you see the pattern – the religions that are ‘left alone’ are the Catholic and Muslim Jesuit controlled ones. Guess who controls the Eritrean army?

OK I’m getting a bit side tracked here but hopefully it is giving you a bigger picture of the nature of the control on this planet. I noticed last night that Alexandra had posted an article about Theosophy which is connected to all of this on her blog. I will be back to you on this in the coming week.

Do not miss this interview.

One last thing. About two weeks ago I mentioned that I had read some very disturbing things that I believed to be true but that I did not wish to share with my readers – it was all a bit too much I felt. Well in this interview with Kevin Annett one of these subjects is taken up by Alexandra, and it would seem that there was available evidence even for this particular atrocity to humankind. I will leave it up to you to guess which subject this is. If you wish to send me a comment on this subject, then please do so privately by mailing me at the top of the page and not on the comments section.

PS: Lets get over our complacency/our acceptance of defeat so that these bastards cant continue to ‘eat up our babies’ and when you listen to this, use some of that anger you feel to be the driving energy you need to help/support Kevin Annett in this work whatever way you can. No time for any complacency now.

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