REPOST from my beautiful friend Raissa – a good description- a video: “Kevin Annett (ITCCS.ORG): Pope Francis, Vatican join with China, Putin for world currency & power”

Modern Day Hero ! A must see !

Communism” technically refers to a state-less, class-less, and money-less order of people with equal access to the means of life, self-organizing through bottom-up democratic assemblies. China has a state, class divisions, a currency, and no bottom-up democratic decision-making. So did the USSR too. Their mode of production is analogous to that of capitalist corporations, where the minority class of elites at the top make decisions for the majority class of workers below to obey. It’s essentially capitalism operating at the state level. Calling them “communist” or even “socialist” would be like calling today’s US government “democratic” despite their anti-democratic pro-drones pro-surveillance pro-drug-war policies. These labels have been deceptively used by the establishment to their advantage, and accepting their false terminology would be taking part in their propaganda.

Nothing has contributed so much to the corruption of the original idea of socialism as the belief that Russia is a socialist country… I had seen little evidence that the USSR was progressing towards anything that one could truly call Socialism.
— George Orwell

Association of socialism with the Soviet Union and its clients serves as a powerful ideological weapon to enforce conformity and obedience to the State capitalist institutions.
— Noam Chomsky

The Bolshevik revolution was financed by the capitalist class, including one of the wealthiest industrialists in Russia at the time Savva Morozov and Wall Street banker Jacob Schiff, who sought an opportunity to control the Russian economy after the collapse of the monarchism. Of course, the eventual Cold War massively benefited the capitalists’ military-industrial complex at the expense of the people in the Eastern Bloc who were made to believe they were fighting for a communist regime and the people in the Western Bloc who were made to believe they were fighting against a communist regime, when actually it was a sham orchestrated by the state-capitalist world order, to whom true communism (bottom-up, direct-democratic, self-managing, class-less, state-less, money-less) would be the greatest threat.

The Spanish anarchists in the 1930s had a successful communist economy, until they were crushed by the Nazi-backed Nationalists and the USSR-backed Stalinists, as documented by George Orwell. So did the Ukrainian anarcho-communists too. Stalin was responsible for more deaths of communists than Hitler was. Such facts don’t get mentioned by the mainstream media, as that would undo their long-running anti-communist disinformation to suppress people’s awareness of the ultimate bottom-up alternative to the top-down system.

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Kevin Annett (ITCCS.ORG): Pope Francis, Vatican join with China, Putin for world currency & power
Kevin Annett (ITCCS.ORG): Pope Francis, Vatican join with China, Putin for world currency & power