In_The_Eye_of_the_BeholderOK folks…many have said at the “end times” meaning the end of this world age, everyone will be seen clearly as to their personal alliances. What does this mean to you? It is absolutely critical that we respond to “old ways” in a new approach. We are being pulled to react less from fear, paranoia, helplessness, and hopelessness to more from an unwavering foundation and commitment to peace, harmony, integrity, and love.  I heard that when I first interviewed Kevin, Alfred was putting out the message on facebook that he was “trying to track down my contact information” (and let’s face it – it isn’t too difficult).  I realized at that moment that I would really need to review both of his videos diligently and digest the accusations made in regards to Kevin Annett.  Someone dear to my heart once taught me long ago that it is unnecessary to trash another person’s character or honor.  That IF they are not what they say they are, it will reveal itself in their actions because truth always prevails. No words are needed. I have asked Guidance what this is all about and my role in this and this is what I got: “I am no one’s authority.  That is a false correlation to guidance or advice. I am here to present information and give people the avenue in which to hone their investigative skills and the confidence to stand strong in what they feel is right and just.”

I ask you all to review the notes from both the 2 hour interview with Alex Hunter and Burrard Band and the one hour interview alone with just Alfred and see the information for yourself.  For those who interview others, you will see the pattern and the repetitive looping of words, the segueing and linking of Annett with certain topics. This is just not a normal dialogue/monologue.

I want to spend my time on viable and meaningful projects so I have told Kevin, who agrees, that we do not want to participate in accusations-reactions-interviews.  Sounds sort of familiar to another tactic we throw around the internet all of the time (thank you Icke for your problem-reaction-false solution). We chose to present this one presentation of what his responses are to the accusations because you all deserve this, as does he.

But I am moving on and will be interviewing him on more pertinent subjects in the future. 

Also, I interview people only when I am guided to do so. I am not guided to interview Alfred.

OK…here is his response to the latest interviews.

Happy Holidays



PS – I have shown a numbered sequence throughout my notes while listening to these two videos – you will see there is an amazing thread through the Alex Hunter video – three in particular: (1) repetitive comments about his ability to be trusted (47 that I counted), (2) that he is suspected as a double agent (30), and (3) statements that were completely below the belt and unnecessary as well as statements in red to produce paranoia, confusion, and linking Kevin’s name with such atrocities or suspicions (not numbered)


Alfred Lambremont Webre: Why I exposed Kevin Annett & ITCCS

Clearing a positive future


7:30 pm PST

Responds to ITCCS central directorate in Brussels

Postal code – zip code –

George DuFort – these individuals do not exist

Text identical to Kevin Annett

No trial

Included Alex Hunter’s name

Serial liar – deeply disturbed (1)

Intelligence operative – modus operandi (1)

He appointed them as jurors

How could these guys claim to be jurors but claim it never existed? How can they be both?

Interviewed for 3 years

10 year relationship with him

Vancouver Coop radio – brown bagger – Monday radio show

Suddenly terminated Bilderberger take over terminated my radio show – caused by Annett’s program over aboriginal woman being murdered at Pictet Farm – whole issue whether framed to have sex on table that was video taped –prostitute hired to have sex-had jacket on like his that he wore from the back- conveniently covered and axed all progressive programs – left Vancouver coop radio- formed exopolitics radio – 2011-

Told Mel Ve of Holland – have no respect for Alfred Weber since he is a Vatican Agent – just using him because he has a loyal audience base.

Very sly operator (2)

Wife suspicious of him – wanted to terminate relationship with him (3)

Uncle was a Jesuit – assoc to black pope – trying to assassinate the white Pope John II

Specifically broke from catholic church- knew from personal experience that Vatican is a mess

Benedictine schools

Woman friend of Alfred’s appointed as admin of itccs facebook page which he founded – became suspicious – appoint her all of a sudden-simultaneously romancing several woman around the planet via internet (4)

Appointed a young aboriginal woman to travel with him to Europe – traveling companion with itccs funds – creating a cult – lawyer engaging Oct 28 to early November – inappropriate relations with several women – (5)

Wife had psychotherapy client

Improper and multiple romantic relationships over net with multiple women – he made very aggressive accusations against my friend – accused her of being a govt agent – Alfred said he is a healer – lost trust at that very moment of Kevin (6)

Give him one more chance – lying to me deliberately for deceptive purposes.(7)

Due diligence – request independent interview with so called George DuFort of Brussels ITCCS

Jeremiah Jordane and George DuFort created in effort to make his organization real. (8)

Kevin Martin – published NZ and UK women Annett romanced them unethically. Person in high ethical trust – suspicious behavior – time to chat up all of these women? (9)

Requested interview with DuFort – Annett escalated into public hostile response – claimed I would be a target of tribunal in Jan 2015

Hence he issued a protective order – mandating no contact

Manipulated up to 150K dollars over 20 years to support his lifestyle – jetsetting around with multiple women in Europe fabricating his – criminal fraud and breach of trust (10)

Itccs brussels court exists?

Threatened with grand jury proceeding when asked

Prelim info – ONLY public European person – it is false testimony and has been impeached – Holland is false – NO WITNESSES AT ALL (11)

None of the testimonies are legit (12)

Published defamatory and private info on Alfred – only privy to by intelligence and surveyance. Wife lives in a lavish 2800 dollars a month house – only get that info from government surveillance. Moved with 10 people in summer of 2014. Total miracle that they are here. Live together as a collective-grad students at UBC – IT industry – family – splitting rent/utilities

Real estate transaction information is more easily accessible than many people realize. In most cases, you can find out how much someone paid for their house through a simple Internet search or by accessing public records. While this may sound like an invasion of privacy, the information is a public record and can be useful in negotiating a purchase price for a home, comparing home prices in your own neighborhood or just satisfying your curiosity over just how much John Doe spent on that new house overlooking the water (Zillow estimates rent per month)

SS check covers rent

Paid by illuminati to expose him – 72 years old –

Actions of an agent??? (2)

Attacked and distorted by Annett.

Breach of trust (13)

Compulsive involvement

Financial fraud (14)

Shady involvement in child trafficking events (15)

Functions of itccs to displace/discredit genuine citizens to prevent them from coming together???????

Prevent the barbarians from gathering.

Child genocide

Child trafficking

Child sacrifice – 11.20.14 – covert

Magnus Olson in Sweden

Melanie richant – Brussels

Former Laurel Louie – Belgian member of parliament – Brussels

Alfred- Vancouver Canada

Decided not fit to be part of the transhumanist tribunal

Globalist operative (3)

Itccs – displace, scatter, retard community and self-sovereign restoration of authentic human society and its genuine institutions from its transhumanist agenda.

Don’t know what is fact and what is lies (16)

How do they know if it even took place if they weren’t part of this trial?

Held privately

Reveal the names of these people

Mail in any tips – follow development of tribunal

New positive holographic timeline 12.21.14

Block this work

No traction



ITCCS Juror: There was no ITCCS trial of UK Queen & Pope Ratzinger. Trial a Kevin Annett fabrication 12.22.14

Alex Hunter – special effects (make an anti pope mobile)

Wa7stek (wachek) – Burrard Band – burrard tribe – Joseph James George???

Kevin – went white nervous freaking out

George Dufore

Juror – in absentia – are the court

World court

Intl criminal court

Court of human rights

Brussels based

Case no one – not told about it

We have to protect their names

Making it up as he goes along (1)

Had no group

Psychology and physical manipulation (2)

Maneuvers to get around answering hard questions – what to do with reality? (3)

Political lying, deception to perpetrate what he is up to? (4)

Double agent(1)

Electronic manipulation, mind control, sleep deprivation

Told to tell them that this is not happening – the electronic behavior modification subjected to

Film children and I subjected to

Promised but never materialized(5)

Do activism and then manipulate you to do the work (6)

Significance of a white guy

Endorsed by chief capalana – hereditary chief

Jerry Johnson

Get it straight where you are getting your info from

How do they get their people to get to the world court for what they did to them? (7)

10 coming from Brussels to interview him? All set up. Nothing happened. No explanation (2)

World court nor intl court are in Brussels

Iclcj? Which court? Says in Brussels – George DuFort were coordinator of

Thinks Kevin is George

Jeremiah Jordene

Superintendant and police Vancouver chief said Kevin making it all up (8)

Skimask handing out pamphlets to all people

Jimmy chu – chief of police – not typical – sovereign


Fiction writier

One man band

Beware of this guy (3)

Alex Hunter – 875 years old- mentally and physically incapacitated

Skimask – hip issues

Nia’s son – developed croup – breathing emergency

When we try to get together to do real activism –ask hard questions (9)

Kevin knew what was going to happen (4)

Fulfill their agenda (5)

Manipulating people with advanced weaponry control

Unconscious missile

Knows what he is doing – psychology manipulation (10)

Ripping people off (11)

Doesn’t give a damn about Indians (12)

Just wants to take down Vatican

Can travel under another identity (13)

Condescending (1)

Self entitled (2)

Deep cover agent (6)

Bring forth one world religion (7)

Provoking children to do malicious mischief – drive by with paint ball guns p dirt on family to destroy family (8)

Highly manipulative (3)

If catches on – just goes onto new people (14)

Never been somewhere where all people can confront him (15)

Has vast intelligence to warn him off from meetings (8)

Made apt with at 1 pm Friday and never showed up – motel never heard of Kevin – no one there by that name (16)

Sentenced Vatican, Harper, queen – intl common law court of justice – hand out pamphlets for people coming and going from church

-changed (17)

-wouldn’t come to meetings (18)

-unwilling to talk at meetings – always had to leave(19)

-confused itnl common law court of justice with world court??? – only reason he gave his support (20)

-doesn’t sound like he is in court – kangaroo court? (21)

-broadcasting from where? (22)

-always avoided him? (23)

-double talking (8)

Using our people to advance himself (24)

Attaches himself to high profile branches of the truth movement (25)

Infilitrate the soverign momvemnt (9)

Child trafficking

Switched from indigeonous genocide to child trafficking (10)

Only reason showed up to Burnaby mtn- knew Indians wont be there (26)

Has to have intelligence(11)

Goes back 20 years ago – Kevin hid in bushes with girlfriend (4)

Paid as an agent of the government (12)

Zionism controlling him – never speaks about it – has nothing to do with ethnicism whatsoever (27)

Kevin wont throw himself in any court – to provide evidence on residential legalities for skimask – you have all of this info – why not testify? (28)

Probably gave ten dollars to someone to say its my daughter (5)

Carol-his wife

She didn’t look anything like him (6)

If did would be quite unfortunate (7)

Roommate- furious for introducing her as his wife (8)

Misrepresents all aspects of his life (29)

Embellishing the info based on the fact to get more people – lit up like a Christmas tree (30)

Con man (9)

Unethical (31)

Reluctance to represent indigenous people to do anything effective (32)


He would maneuver around any question (33)

Cut off – new footage???????

Circle of justice – worst thing that happened to first nations community in 20 years

Honest and root out people like this (34)

Told skimask that he was going to pay everything that I and my children paid for

Lying and deceiving people (35)

We are all on the reserve – one big electromagnetic gas chamber – we are all dying

Death once a month or so – now getting emails once and twice a week – going up death rate in Vancouver

It is time that we lock arms and stand together selflessly and bravely and just be determined and tenacious and form maybe smaller groups as activist that correlate with other activists.

Has thousands of s/w programs – one is a divide and conquer program

We can not prove this – skimask bumped off – called back in hospital

Way Kevin is controlled – working for them maliciously – not just an opportunist – activism groups – paid to infiltrate – on the payroll – always doing this – people keep falling off and go get more people (13)

Paint him as super activist (14)

Look at the patterns

Controlled opposition is old form of control (15)

Double agents are another (16)

Kevin small part of what is happening to our people

Let government know what they have been doing to us???????? What has Kevin been doing? (17)

Take the indian out of the indian????

Get their own people to work for us – our so called leaders are now after us-still take away our children (18)

I believe he is an agent for the government (19)

Doesn’t do things he says he is gonna do – won’t sit down and talk to you (36)

Never would do it

Stimask – wouldn’t go into court (37)

Agent for the government (20)

Moves onto someone else (38)

No one behind him for any length of time (21)

Never go into court – have a lot of information – ran away from courts 20 years ago – (39)

STEEMASS – here to examine documents

I definitely do not believe in these two guys. I am sure Kevin will stand up and explain, there is too much evidence to be just a lie…. making us aware of all the atrocities that have been taking place for such a long time… in my opinion this is not disinformation and speaks very well of Kevin.

“The main way that covert operators keep secrets is not by keeping them, but by revealing them – through a discredited source” (40)

Comments below Alfred’s video:

Link is dead.  I studied Kevin’s videos, went back, studied his history with his church. Looked into his relationship with his ex-wife etc.  I found it fascinating that nowhere in Vancouver could I find anyone that had any close ties to him.  I also made a point of calling the numbers listed at Itccs and no one answered.  Smoke and mirrors.  Get on a soap box which I believe he found a way to feed his narcissistic personality.  He reminds me of a politician, a psychopathic lair who knows which side his bread is buttered.  Typical dark side mentality. (21)

(Alfred, could you please explain why you are not partially responsible for this, seeing as though you know  the laws, courts etc., and many people do watch your videos in hopes that you did some research or vetting.)

Ideally, Annett should be part of this discussion – why not ask him and do a follow up.
There is no doubt about the Native American Genocide. It is an outrage that the last residential school was not closed down until 1992. Is it possible that Kevin is a scapegoat for their anger.
That said, I really would like to see proof for Annett’s claims. Annett’s message is as important as the radiation coming out of Fukushima. I don’t care if he is an operative as they seem to suggest. (22)
I was an advocate in my work on these issues long before i came across Annett. If he has undermined the First Nations, in the way they say, he will be irrelevant. The atrocities he discussed, however, have become more apparent through his actions. I will do more checking into his activities and claims.
My thoughts. (41)

there is no address on the “court” (I say loosely) documents, thus the accused had no way of attending. By virtue, Kevin Annett or ITCCS breached “their own” sovereign rights using a supposed Common Law court.(42)

think Kevin is telling the truth, maybe to much so that it is time to discredit him? There seems to be too much evidence that Kevin has brought forward.

Thank you, Alfred, for shedding light on some sanity for once. Now, all that remains is for you to do the same thing for all your other agents of disinformation. And the list is long, very, very long.

this is so sick and very difficult to hear because it brings back a lot of memories that i have tried to forget…i have personal experience of what’s happening to our native people compliments of our government because i was a special needs esl teacher on ojibway, cree, and dene reserves in northern canada and i witnessed what is being done to the children across the country…i reported what i saw happening to indian affairs and sent documentation of criminal negligence from jack layton’s office, the leader of the ndp who died shortly after, to ottawa but it hit a brick wall and then i was disabled from teaching for 2 years by the rcmp…their excuse was that my birthdate was the same one as a pedophile…kevin annette was a major player in all of this because he posed as a friend who encouraged me to share all i knew with him over a period of years and i truly believed he was on the same side i was…i trusted him because i had seen “unrepentant” and reached out to him to share the unspeakable things that i was fighting against and he responded right away…until just recently i thought he was a good guy…i realize now that i was one of many who want to help and have been very effectively cut off at the knees…i have no problem saying i was wrong by trusting the wrong people but i really wonder what will happen next…thank you Andrew for posting this and let the healing begin…mucho gracias!

Kevin Arnette? – bring the govt to the world court-people set up to come over to our reserve to interview what happened at residential school – no one showed up-don’t need the gym



Admin Judge – do you hold an oath of office? – you cant make any legal determination of what happens at this court. Helped and seashelled???? (23)

People should form a group without Kevin –

real members form a solid resistance – controlled opp group – to globalist tyranny, biotechnotronic enslavement, genocide,

Kevin would never stay – avoid topics like this – like military who avoid these things (43)

Same sentence with not allowed to talk about, politicians, de patty gen, dep police complaints commissioners, mayors, supreme court justices, protecting and serving world terrorist organization. Master organization – weaponized air technology – stopping us from doing anything about it. Horizontal and vertical control – shake new society – counter and unite- don’t tolerate this.

Potential to completely destroy – collectively need to be incarcerated and subject to their ndaa themselves – put in position to respond this. – kevin needs to talk about doing that for first nations people and taking Vatican is first objective to bring in one world religion

Not just local intelligent asset but a globalist intelligence asset. (24)

Strapped for not doing what they told us to do – being their slave – want this govt to own up what they did to our people – (25)

Whitewash so easily – look at Harper apologized – did not mean a thing – still doing what they did to our people years ago.

Don’t believe because they don’t see it happening – what’s going to happen if no one speaks up for our people.

Don’t be afraid – only afraid of fear itself – 74 years old

Talk to my creator

Corps use us as their slaves – leadership to do their work for them

Only way you are going to know is to research it to know what has happened to our people –

He is known to be disruptive to our band of people obviously corrupt and cant be trusted and why you should trust people like us. We are right up front – we don’t want our identities shown on camera – what is he really up to – no position to be harmed by intelligence community (44)

He had money – he walked away from it – traveled the world – don’t know if this is what Kevin Annett did – elders told him he had to do this – so he did it – don’t worry to go down the wrong path (45)

None of our people would show up and listen to him for what he shared – started to cry – what taught in residential schools that Indians are no good – alcoholic – age of 6 to 48 grew again

“that’s one hell of a long time to have entire life stolen and to have someone like annett to try to manipulate you and lie to you and supposedly fighting for those people he doesn’t really care about at all.

Use to watch youtube channel – unsure what lies have been impregnated – might as well throw it all out – disinfo mixed with credible (46)

Not a credible person – get as far away from him – let nature take its course – something is going to catch up with him – hes urinating all over everyone – indigenous people – inexcuseable. (47)

What he put on some of CD’s – those things happened to us –no name of CD – didn’t know where he got it – talked about people who are dead – fucking assholes

If you have a voice – an activist – got rid of Stemass because of it – watered down and got to him – first person to help him in his life –

Interesting that he died and then Kevin tried to infiltrate the sovereign movement – told him to hook up with this other activist and then the next day he just happened to bump into him at the library – this sort of thing is constantly going on. We are definitely being manipulated in little groups (26

Pattern can’t be ignored – car accidents – orchestrated for the shadows – (27)

They got to him by transmitting something to him – not necessarily coming up to him and threatening him (28)

Just like what happened to me

Older man showed inocculations


My son was a hardcore activist and warrior all the way – kevin annett was the last straw – he quit because of him (29)

After 1:36 says that is enough – got the message across

Technological experimentation – electronics – on human beings

Might have wanted to keep us alive but it doesn’t/t seem that way now.

1:39 about it for Kevin Annett

Hoping positive things begin after this message goes out

Those speaking out amonst our people

Where do you find one good leader?

It’s a charade – left right thing – manipulative govt – slippery techniques put out are small examples of it

Start to work together

Cant do this with this technology – there is a pattern

We all have to stick together and have witnesses

That we are subject to is hideous and grotesque, highly legal – made legal thru NDAA – waterboarded in my own home – breathing emergencies – 6 times a night – need a machine to breathe

Manipulated in this legal system – sheeple

Diabolical agenda




Money talks – bullshit walks – have their hand right there

We get data minded and classified by the net/the web – can turn you off from outer space, manipulate, incapacitate, deprive of food, mutilate, and assassinate anyone they want.

See patterns repeating – people asphyxiated

Jug of wine and hippie stick – didn’t want them doing anything with my DNA once I am gone – they take off your head

Knows a coroner

This is much bigger than one of us – future of children – jump in front of transport talk to give them a chance

Arrested for feeding homeless people

We have to stand together

The police are the greatest terrorist organization- treasonous – leading criminal terrorist organization – complicit to pedophilia

Byron frier case – chief justice of newfoundland raped 11 year old sister – no investigation

Island of jersey outside UK – child trafficking is very real

We decided we can not broadcast Kevin Annett’s videos any longer because we don’t know what is truth

Said we took down today his videos

Evidence to expose it – whether he is a double agent got attn. to it – go forward and do things (30)

Forward with witnesses and evidence


ITCCS Juror: There was no ITCCS trial of UK Queen & Pope Ratzinger. Trial a Kevin Annett fabrication

Alfred Lambremont Webre: Why I exposed Kevin Annett & ITCCS