Through my 15 years of training in the non-violent martial art of Aikido, I became exposed to Kototama – the millennia old tradition in which Morihei Ueshiba, the founder, was trained.

Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido

Kototama seems to be a message from ancient cultures of how to tune ones consciousness to the energy of the universe.  Kototama is an ancient Japanese tradition that means “spirit of language”,  “sacred sound”, or “the knowledge of the vibration of the Universe.” It is the practice of generating ritual sounds and words, with the belief that they can influence your body, mind, and soul. The Kototama chant creates a resonant torus around the body as Jack Wada demonstrates in this video.

Ancient texts cite 49 “motive” sounds in Kototama and one toning, the 50th, which encompasses them all. This 50th toning is the secret – it’s the active dynamic of the torus and it’s what allows people to access higher levels of consciousness through the Kototama. This is a strategic and enduring way to pass along vital information across generations. 

Could it be mere coincidence that the sequence of vowels is identical to the Hebrew name of God – “Yahweh” – that people were told not to speak aloud?

Actually there is strong scientific evidence being collected in our current era that this process can have profound effects on the tuning of our own consciousness.

I trained at the Monroe Institute in Virginia, where they have been studying the “beyond the body” experience for decades. Along with the other students, I was taught to chant a tone and visualize a torus shaped aura of light surrounding me, flowing up through my feet, and out my head.  It seems that skillful re-creation (visual and auditory mimicking) of the fundamental energy flow is a key to expanding levels of consciousness as well as tapping space energy for electricity.  Is it possible that this access to expanded consciousness – this link with the creative force was what was being concealed from people in everyday life?

Photos: The Monroe Institute concept of “Re-bal” or “Resonant Balloon” surrounding the human body. Chanting in resonance with this field is taught as an aide to expanding one’s consciousness beyond the body.

In his modern book on the history of Kototama, Aikido instructor Masahilo Nakazono refers to the ancient Japanese Koziki and Takeuti documents, and concludes:

“The final mission of human beings is to judge perfectly their capacity and to place their creative activity in order with the universe.  About four thousand years ago our forefathers decided to perfect science, knowing that much sacrifice of human life, energy and matter would be necessary.”

– Kototama, Nakazono

So it became particularly intriguing to me that not only the alphabet, but also the famous Cabalistic Tree of Life from the Hebrew tradition, bears the same encoded knowledge.