Kp Message 9-8-17… “Sending Love and Light to those conscious BEings of Energy known as ‘Harvey’ and ‘Irma’”

BEing of Energy, Irma

This is likely the only thing I’ll post about these hurricanes that have recently “arisen”. I’m going to bypass any discussion about what, why, who, may have “caused” them, or intensified them (according to a few, for one nefarious reason or another). I’m not going to do any astrological or numerological or scientific “analysis” of them, nor refer to any of the 5,326,877.4 articles that have most likely been written about them.

All I am going to do is share my view of these creations. And that is, they are BEings of Energy. Creations of Energy. And every BEing has a consciousness. An awareness. And guaranteed, they will accept input from any of us.

I view these BEings of Energy not as “things” that I have the “freedom” or “responsibility” to change. Nor do I view them as creations that I have the energetic “right” to try to push around or pray / meditate / direct to paths that I want them to go on. I do not view them as “bad”, “terrible”, “destructive”, etc., etc., etc.

I have not done that, nor will I do that.

BEing of Energy, Harvey

I am currently viewing them as BEings of Energy, and will be communicating with them only if I receive the Guidance to do so. And only if I feel that they are calling for me to communicate with them.

As conscious BEings of Energy, I am respecting their energetic space. I am sending my Light and Love to them, one conscious BEing of Energy to another (well, “anothers”).

Maybe this makes “sense” to some. Maybe not. But that is my input.

Aloha, Kp