351908-1366x768-PleiadesLet’s start the removal of polarity through the assimilation of dimensions 1,2,3 (harmonic universe one) into dimensions 4,5,and 6 (harmonic universe two). The Soul Integration of the Soul Matrix from Harmonic Universe Two into the Body Template in Harmonic Universe One allows for complete removal of polarity through assimilation. Once that polarity of purpose between the lower bodies and the Soul Matrix is removed, the new advanced state of consciousness recognizes the plural nature of simultaneous existence in various space – time dimensional realities. Once the removal of polarity of the harmonic universe one (Earth) and two (TARA) is achieved, the entity begins the process of assimilating into the Harmonic Universe Three, the Over Soul Matrix of Gaia.
This process is mostly about listening and being directed by the Higher Consciousness of ones own Soul Matrix. When this continuous listening is achieved, the Ego of the lower personality melts away into the Divine Mind or the Super Mind of the Souls of our Creation, containing the Wisdom and Experience, of all we have ever been and all we will ever be.
The Soul Matrix contains the Archetypal Mind that knows itself as a singular identity that is composed of many identities who are a part of the Incarnational Soul, the race, the species, the mind networks of this universe and parallel universes. The 5D Mind is the re-cognizing to the Many that we really are. The neuro network reconnects to all that we have been in our past selves and what our greater purpose or true mission was that we set out to accomplish through those past lives.
The assimilation into the Astral- 4th, Archetypal 5th, and the Angelic Consciousness of the 6th allows the Communication Process of Star Language to begin. We will soon learn that our Souls live in the Stars. We were all once great entities who created stars and were stars, or who have lived within stars. A star is simply an Eternal System, while a Planet is a Mortal System.
Our logical mind has always relied on us drawing conclusions, and not allowing our emotional mind or intuitive mind to allow pure cognition. Our alignment with our Soul Matrix is the blending of the logical and emotional minds into a knowing and cognizing the full reality of the all knowing Divine Mind. We are getting re-cognized as we allow our frequency specific mid brain to guide us.
So, polarity removal does not mean separating good and bad, happy and sad, left brain right brain, or any of those other things that you probably think it means.
Polarity removal means when the positive electron and negative proton become the neutral neutron. We are becoming the neutron body. This process happens through the 14th dimensional element called heliotalic silver pastel helium combined with Sun Alcyone’s Gamma wave of our orignal creation.
Our bioenergetic field of energy is being transposed from the spinning of the electro magnetic or male female frequencies of the positive negative spin rate being altered until there are no more electron and protons. The polarity is removed because we get the neutral neutron energy.
It is the addition of the Helium to Water, creating H2O2HE3, that will allow us to assimilate into the new harmonic universe two atmosphere and rearrange our bioenergetic field. It is the helium that allows us to levitate and teleport the body. That is one of the first beginning stages of learning to utilize our new reality. First stages of pure listening to the Soul Matrix, seeing with the mid brain, meeting your orb bodies, and then finally learning to orb out of here are all realities that will become obtainable in 2013.
This new bioenergetic arrangement is achieved by the spinning of the electro magnetic relation ship or the particle antiparticle relationship of harmonic universe one which is Earth with the harmonic universe two which is Tara. We must also do this individually in our Merkaba Vehichles.
The entire magical fission that will create a new vision of reality is the morphing of the anti particle reality of the fourth with the particle reality of the third. Actually that part of the process was already completed in December. Now, we will begin to experience the after affects of that fissionary process.
We will begin to see the harmonic universe two morph into this visible plane that we have been so accumstomed to believing was the only reality. Tara will appear as Inner Earth rises into the particles of Earth. The Inner Earth known as Agartha will become more and more visible each day. It will be faster for those who know how to raise their frequencies into the fifth dimension through the gamma rays of Sun Alcyone and the Amorea Flame of Sirius B.
There are three very important things to know about how polarity is really removed and how it got here. Removing polarity has to do with the spin rate of the electron and proton and how it joins with it’s anti-particle or etheric twin cellular structure. It has to do with the 12 subharmonic frequencies of the etheric or anti particle 12 DNA reconnecting to the particle DNA. It has to do with the Soul Matrix (sometimes called Super Consciousness or Higher Self) of the 4,5,6 dimensions and DNA assimilates into oneness with the 1,2,3 dimensions or DNA. This is also referred to the Fission of Oneness into SuperConsciousness.
The first two steps are the micro aspects of third larger aspect of polarity removal. The two sets of realities in harmonic universe one and harmonic universe two couldn’t align harmoniously until the spin rate was corrected and the 12 subharmonics were realigned. Those two steps were completed between 2000 and 2012.
2013 begins the third step of the process of removing the polarity between harmonic universes. This process will actually begin as a result of the Equinox Alignment of the Sun and Earth at 90 degrees. That is the fourth essential element in the polarity removal formula.
We need a 90 degree alignment with Earth and Sun on the particle and antiparticle levels to get our 180 degree alignment that will remove the improper angular rotation between our bodies, our soul bodies and higher Earth. We need another 180 degree alignment to create the complete sphere of our new reality within the 12 coded divine matrix. We need our particle universe and the anti particle universe aligning with Andromeda, where Tara actually resides and Urtha- the firmament of Earth, where the original morphogenetic blue print of Earth has always remained.
This entire universe is being rearranged by the Helium in the 14th dimension. That helium, which is the heliotalic frequency of light and sound must interact with the parallel 8th of Sun Alcyone in a way that creates the new Neutron Energy within our BioEnergetic Fields. We must breathe this frequency into the cells of our body to create the transformation which will shift our bodies into alignment with our Etheric, Light and Crystal Bodies which are made of a new chemical arrangement which allows us to turn into light and travel beyond the Earth’s Matrix.