MeSo you have probably heard about our implant removal process launched at the end of September.  Pam and I have been “gifted” with this DIVINE opportunity to make one of the most transformational experiences available to you!  Many know that each of us is implanted at birth when we “reenter” this matrix, and most of us have carried implants from other incarnations into this one (I think to get cleared).  So you can imagine how shocked I was when Pam and I received not only the grace and gift of truly knowing how to remove these implants, but being selected to assist all of you to a more enlightening, empowering, awakening, and peaceful journey into The Golden Age, away from the broken and collapsing 3D matrix.

Here are just some of the things people are commenting on after going through the process, which continues to unfold for each of us:

>increased inner peace
>removed obstacles
>increased synchronicities
>life becomes effortless
>heightened vibration
>new software being installed
>sleeping peacefully
>more inter-dimensional awareness
>more aware of Light Beings
>feel like everything is in perfect order
>less judgmental
>less polarized
>receiving more guidance
>gain rapid insight
>increased knowingness
>deeper level of awakening
>rapid ego die-off process
>enhanced personal realizations
>feel more centered
>feel more protected
>clearer visions in meditation
Please do yourself, your loved ones and this planet a favor and do this!  We were told that those of you who come forward will be blazing the trail for some future blissful endeavors that will be assisting humanity in a big way!  We want everyone to step into their mastery…now!
Go to this page for more information and where to purchase your implant removal process:
Also, Ari Kopel of Shattering The Matrix has done a radio show on her amazing experience with this process:
Ari and Serena are interviewing me this Saturday on their radio show that you can listen to here:
If you have any questions, drop me an e-mail at
We are truly excited to see the MAGICAL changes in everyone!!!  We are finally experiencing a new sense of sovereignty!
PS: Just a heads up!  If you are having technical difficulties with the paypal button, please consider all of the “energies” we are being bombarded with:
2 X class solar flares, the sun getting ready to flip, the 4th Uranus Pluto square, mercury retrograde, and possibly a bit of the dark’s resistance to this
very effective life changing process for humanity….I don’t think they are happy about it!  We are increasing the Light Quotient big time!!!!  If you can’t
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