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Light-skinned people will come out of the Eastern sea in great canoes powered by huge white wings, like giant birds. The people who get off these boats will also be like birds, but they will have two different kinds of feet. One of their feet will be like that of a dove, the other like that of an eagle. The foot of the dove will represent a beautiful, new religion of love and kindness, and the foot of the eagle will represent strength, technology, and power. The sharp foot of the eagle will dominate, for though they will talk much of the new religion, not all of the light- skinned people will live by it. Instead, they will claw at the Red Nations with their eagle feet, exploiting and enslaving them.

After offering mixed resistance to this clawing, the Indians would seemingly lose their spirit and be herded into small, barren enclaves. This would be the way of their world for many years: poverty, suffering, disrespect. Then, in time, the world will become sick. Because of the unrelenting greed,the Earth would be filled with deadly liquids and metals, the air would be rendered foul with smoke and ash, and even the rains – which are intended to cleanse the Earth – will plummet in poison drops. Birds would fall from the sky. Fish would turn belly up in the waters. Forests would begin to wither. There would be mounting chaos – koyanisquatsi – in the world.

When these things begin to happen, the Indian people would be all but helpless. But then Light would come from the East, and the natives would begin to find their strength, their pride and their wisdom. So would many of their brothers and sisters of the other nations – white, yellow, and black – who would feel strongly the calling of Spirit. They would understand the basic fact that it is the Earth which gives us the water, food, clothing, shelter and beauty necessary for the circle of life. These awakened souls would find each other, and together they would teach all the people of the world to have respect for the Earth Mother, of whose very stuff human beings are made. Respect would prevail.

Under the symbol of the rainbow, all the races and religions would band together to spread the great wisdom of living in harmony with each other and all the creations of the world – and thereby restore the Sacred Hoop. Those who teach this way would be the Warriors of the Rainbow, but they would do no harm. Using peaceful means alone, and by becoming examples of right living, after a great struggle they would bring an end to destruction and desecration of the Earth.

The Tasks of the Rainbow Warriors would be many and great. There would be mountains of ignorance to conquer and they would meet prejudice and hatred. They must be dedicated, unwavering in their strength, and strong of heart. They would find willing hearts and minds that would follow them on this road of healing. Peace and plenty would then reign through a long and joyous Golden Age.

From Legend of the Rainbow Warriors
By Steven McFadden

Source: Books.Google.com