Ok…there isn’t anything earth shattering in this message other than I received my own “alert” from my Guidance last night, including Saint Germain.  What I find so interesting is I was told several times last night that some “unexpected” events had occurred which really propelled momentum forward for the entire planet financially.  I was told it went down in December of last year, and I just assumed it had to do with the 21st, however now after reading this, I think it does not.  The point is an etheric “guarantee” was passed onto me about available funding coming sooner than They thought, as we are determining the timing by our intention, openness, allowance, and beliefs.  Let me know what you think folks.

Update Jan 20th: Where is it?

Posted: 20 Jan 2013 08:30 PM PST

breaking-chainsGood evening my friends! After a ridiculously busy day I returned to RTS tonight knowing that there would be a shite load of negative comments and taunts.  I’m exhausted so I’m not going to get into a major article tonight though.

I’m not even going to attempt to reply to each of the 276 comments on yesterdays article- I think that Blogger might have a nervous breakdown if I did, lol.

So let’s just talk about it here.

Now, many people are calling me a disinformation agent, a shill (not sure how that works as this is my blog, lol), a psy-ops agent, etc… and of course belittling  and jeering the intel and information that I reported here.  That’s fine- as I always say, everyone is welcome to their own opinion and to believe what they want to believe.  I think that most of those who posted ranting comments don’t really want answers, but are more interested in getting other readers to turn away.

Those are NOT the people I’m writing this for.

Right now, all over the world there are a huge amount of people who are sitting back scratching their heads, saying “WTF?!” … and I’m not talking about you guys.  I’m talking about the people who KNOW what’s been going on in Washington DC and all over the world.

There are a shit load of people basically having a freak out right now and I’m not talking about your average John Q Public type people here. Why?  Because they Know what was suppose to happen, they know what they were told would happen, they know what (supposedly) happened this week….. yet, there is Supreme Court Justice Roberts swearing in Obama.

The information and intel that I have written about over the past few weeks is absolutely correct.  We’ve had so many confirmations of so many facts from so many areas of government(s), 3 letter agencies, military, business/financial…  the cross examination of every aspect of every piece of information has been meticulously combed through and everyone involved has agreed that it is accurate.

For weeks we’ve been hearing “Announcements today/tonight/tomorrow!!”  and yet…. nothing.  This past week we were told “Announcements will happen any moment!”  and yet….. nothing.

If you listened to the radio show I did with Lisa Harrison last week HERE I talked a bit about what is happening, and the Why. (I come in at the 43 minute mark)

Why haven’t they made “The” announcement?  Why hasn’t the RV, and the new financial system, and the release of the various funds happened?

What else happened in December? There were two extremely exciting things that happened.  On December 21st the energy of our planet shifted dramatically.  On December 25th The People’s Trust UCC filings were made public.

I will go into more detail on both of these topics tomorrow as I’m seriously wiped out and in need of sleep.  I will say this for now though:  This week should be an amazing week.