Published on Jan 29, 2018

Welcome to phenomenon radio the show that covers thought-provoking breakthroughs in the fields of UAP UFOs to discover fascinating truths first-hand accounts and investigative insights into the expanding confluence of physical and mental exposure to this worldwide phenomenon hosted by Emmy award-winning investigative journalists Earthfiles reporter and editor Linda Moulton Howe and world-renowned experiencer of the 1980 Rendell’s from bit waters incident John Burroughs and now leading off tonight’s program here’s Linda Moulton Howe. In December 1980, NATO’s largest airbase was the joint American and UK RAF Bentwaters Woodbridge in Suffolk County England. After midnight in the early morning hours of December 26th and 28th 1980, then US Air Force airman first class John Burroughs was the only military person known to have encountered unidentified aerial phenomena up close on both of those nights. In Rendlesham forest that grew along the base the UAP phenomena was also reported in Rendlesham forest on the night of December 27th but John Burroughs was not there what is especially strange about the night of December 28th is that even though John see flight was not on duty. John felt drawn back to the site where he and Staff Sergeant Jim Penniston had encountered lights after midnight on December 26th. John got a friend to drive him back to the forest where he was surprised to see deputy base commander Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt leading several men with light all’s Geiger counters cameras trucks and other equipment into the field near the forest area where he and staff sergeant Penniston have been two nights before. John is puzzled when Colonel Halt does not seem surprised to see him and even says that he thinks John can bring the aerial phenomena closer to them if he walks out toward the field where orange white red and blue lights are moving around each other. For More Listen On……. To listen to our latest Live show Click Here: For more incredible science stories, Real X-Files, environmental stories and so much more. Please visit my site To stay up to date on everything Earthfiles, follow me on FaceBook @EarthfilesNews and Twitter @Earthfiles. Be sure to subscribe to this Earthfiles Channel the official channel for Linda Moulton Howe Have you seen all the playlists on our channel? Earthfiles 2017, Richard Dolan, Fade to Black with Jimmy Church and Linda Moulton Howe, Linda Moulton Howe on Truth be Told TV, Roswell UFO Festival, Earthfiles Podcasts and much more!