PLEASE REMEMBER THAT IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE KNOWLEDGE BUT FROM AN OBSERVER’S PERSPECTIVE!!! NO FEAR!!! STAND IN YOUR I AM AUTHORITY! I posted this in particular after having a conversation with George Green today…it paralleled what he was thinking.

Mentioned that gold took a big dip…Federal Reserve dropped pricing to make it look unattractive. This was considered an act against the States of America. He confirmed that the Boston bombing was a false flag event.  Even though they denied a bomb drill (always a cover-up for a false flag) was in progress, there was evidence that indeed it was a Black Ops Mission. Our Shadow Government Operatives killed Americans.  There are forces at odds within the government.  Bush and Cheney are being indicted for war crimes.  Could it have been an act against one part of the government from another?  Government asking for information from public even though they already have it in order to extract it from the public’s hands.  Senator and Obama received letters with poison on them. FCC controlled by the CIA so won’t investigate. Call for the media to truly investigate. Shadow Operation got caught and are trying to extract themselves from the stage. -A.M.

Lt. Col. Roy Potter: “I know who my father is… and he’s not yours.” [Taped on April 2, 2013]

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This man is very angry here, so if you aren’t up to listening to the TRUTH, please don’t listen! Have we reached the time when the citizens of the United States finally say, “Enough!”? I pray that we have . . . Love and hugs, ~Jean