Live Enzymes and How Quickly You Consume Them are the Absolute Keys to Healthy Juicing

by Tony Isaacs
author of Cancer’s Natural Enemy

(The Best Years in Life) Juicing fresh vegetables and fruits can be one of the healthiest things you can do. When done properly, it can even help conquer serious illness such as cancer. However, unless you consume your juice quickly you may be wasting much of your money as well as most of the most important benefits juicing might provide. When it comes to juicing for health benefits, including fighting cancer, it cannot be stressed enough that enzymes are the key and that the juice must be consumed very quickly before the enzymes die off.

Enzymes and Other Living Phytonutrients Die Quickly Once They are Juiced

There is a very good reason that the famed Gerson clinics make their juices fresh several times a day: enzymes and other phytonutrients which fight cancer and other disease begin to degrade and die off immediately – and it those phytonutrients, especially the enzymes, are the primary items in vegetables and fruits that beat cancer and other illnesses. In treating anyone with cancer and other diseases, famed natural health figure Dr. Bernard Jensen found that juicing and super juices will NOT work without live enzymes.

If you use a centrifugal juicer, the enzymes die almost immediately. In great part this is because centrifugal juicers oxygenate the juice and the resulting oxygen radicals destroy the enzymes and other living phytonutrients. The higher the RPM of centrifugal and other juicers, the more the juice is oxygenated and the faster the enzymes are destroyed. Thus any juice you make with a centrifugal or a high RPM juicer of any type must be consumed immediately.

Depending on what kind of juicer you use, the enzymes may be dead within as little as a few scant minutes to as much as one to three days. In fact, only the most expensive and highly regarded juicer – Norwalk juicer, which retails for a hefty $2500) – only preserves enzymes for one and one-half to two and possibly three days. Other highly regarded juicers, such as the best Omega and Green Star models, produce juice where the enzymes last for perhaps one day. However, such juicers normally cost only $250 to $350 dollars.

It should also be pointed out that the fresher and riper the vegetables and fruits used for juicing are, the greater the enzyme and other phytonutrient content available to be preserved and utilized. A vegetable or fruit achieves its greatest nutritional content when it is perfectly ripe. Regardless of ripeness, once an item is picked the enzymes and other living phytonutrients begin to degrade- though not as quickly as the degradation that takes place once the items are juiced. And those nutrients are greatest when a vegetable or fruit is at its peak ripeness.

Grow Your Own or Buy Fresh Local Organic Produce for the Best Juices

The very best fruits and vegetables to use are ones that you grow yourself organically so that you can pick them and consume them right away. Otherwise, the best choice would be fresh locally grown organic produce. The worst choice of all is non-organic produce on your grocers’ shelves. Such produce is often picked when it is less than ripe and then it is artificially ripened and shipped via cold storage – not to mention likely laden with pesticides. Sadly, many people who juice to beat cancer may actually be contributing to cancer and other illness by consuming pesticides from non-organic produce bought at the local grocers.

Note: Perhaps the best juices of all for fighting cancer are juiced carrots and juiced beets. The problem with carrots is that almost every maker of ready to eat peeled and washed carrots in the USA has dipped them in chlorine before shipping them out. The slimy slippery feeling you feel on those carrots when they are a bit old is due to chlorine. The same is true of other vegetables, such as iceberg lettuce. Yet another reason to avoid the non-organic veggies on your grocers shelves.

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