As so many of you know, we are on the brink of descending into world financial chaos beyond our expectations.  Runs on banks, ATM closures, banks around the world are preparing for what most say is the inevitable capitulation of our Dark Cabal controlled fiat debt based system.  So if you are anything like me, you are “feeling” anticipation on what is to unfold after the Greek elections.  This day will truly be the beginning of the end for many…and I must say for those of us aware of this situation and why it is unfolding, it is a welcome chain of events.

This is how much banks across the world are awaiting the Greek election results. Quoted from it is reported “Fathers’ Day celebrations have been cancelled for some and the head of a $1 billion Hong-Kong based hedge fund is among those dropping holiday plans to prepare for any disruption.”

Also the French Parliament elections go down today as well!

Watch the LIVE feeds and at the moment sites of what is going on with Greek elections here:

Very cool to be kept apprised of what is occurring through individuals’ postings….let the games finally play out their natural course.

Have a great Sunday!