This article just sang to my soul!  We have been talking about this for years that the growth of laws is really only based on the ultimate failure and that is to harm another being.-A.M.

By Cameron Day, on March 1st, 2013

Living The One Law & Experiencing True Freedom

the lawThe recent “One Law: Do No Harm” blog post generated great dialogue, idea sharing and some debate about what it means to live in a truly free, civilized society.  Having only One Law is a radical idea, as our current society is extremely uncivilized and imbalanced despite its many laws.  New laws are created almost daily to attempt to patch up and hide the violent rapaciousness that forms the basis for the coercive governmental and societal expression that I call the “Old World Disorder.”However, most of those laws actually serve to propagate disproportionate rewards and immunity from “justice” for the wealthy and powerful, while literally enslaving the poor through the prison-industrial-complex.

As the number of awakening and expanding individuals continues to increase, humanity will need to break free of the shackles of Governmental tyranny.  We will need to redesign society from the ground up in order to ensure that hidden forms of coercion, fascism, tyranny and social stratification no longer undermine the natural human desire for freedom, independence, self-expression, family, community, service to all and benefit to the individual.  A radical shift in values must occur in order to enable a truly new, or perhaps simply long forgotten, type of society modeled on Self-Governance, non-coercion and One Law: Do No Harm.

Technically speaking, many of the laws currently in existence are based on preventing people from harming each other. However, they all too often fail for a number of reasons.  I will briefly focus on some of the reasons for the failure of “rule of law” in our society, then change focus to how a society that follows the One Law might look.

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