Do we live in 1984 or what???? Trashcans? Really?-A.M.
Monday, August 12, 2013
Aluminum Trash CanMadison Ruppert promo vid by Renew,Vimeo Activist Post City of London officials have told a company to stop their trial of street-side trashcans that track the smartphones of nearby pedestrians and are capable of building a detailed profile of where the smartphone has been in the past. The technology used sounds a great deal like the systems used to track people in and around retail stores in the United States, a practice which is coming under increased scrutiny as of late. At least the trashcans aren’t using facial recognition, like some mannequins are, right? The trashcans were part of a program developed by Renew, which involved the distribution of 12 devices featuring LCD advertising screens and technology capable of tracking the unique hardware identifier of every smartphone with Wi-Fi capabilities nearby.