“Gold and silver that doesn’t exist, except as paper contracts for future delivery, are being sold into the market in a precise pattern that repeats every Monday morning. [This is evidence of a concerted effort by banks to artificially depress prices. Why they would want to do this, how they get away with it, and what the ultimate consequences will be are explained in this analysis. Of particular interest is the section regarding the risks of acquiring precious metals in a rigged market.” Ed Griffin


Not everyone is a morning person. And few people like Mondays.

But if you’re a precious metals investor, mornings – especially Mondays – are brutal.

The Evidence

gold-price-1.7.13_chartThe precious metals are routinely sold off at or soon after the 8:20am EST morning open of the New York NYMEX exchange.

Below are the daily gold price charts (source: Kitco) for each Monday (or Tuesday, if Monday was a holiday) since early this year. The current day’s gold price is noted by the bright green line. The morning takedown is highlighted by the orange oval.

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