I don’t think Lorde said that…

oops sign bubbleBe warned, the following text will contain unspellchecked rambling given it was written at 5am. If you need a quick fix article explaining why the ‘Lorde’s suppressed Grammy acceptance speech…‘ blog is bollocks, see this from Eric Sundermann at Vice: http://noisey.vice.com/blog/lordes-grammy-speech-was-not-censored-internet-stupid. He is more sarcastic than me, it’s his job.

Also, have a peek at the original post, from its own meta tags it claims to be a satire: http://snoopman.wordpress.com/2014/02/06/lordes-suppressed-grammy-award-acceptance-speech-full-transcript-26-january-2014/.

Feel free to smart arsedly point well-meaning friends in those directions, you bloody know-it-all.* For ill-meaning friends send them this link to the David Icke forums: http://www.davidicke.com/forum/. They are not discussing this issue there but your point will be made.

Now to business. Confession, I had no idea who Lorde was until friends and peers began sharing a blog post claiming to be her “suppressed Grammys speech” – I should add these are eminent and learned friends with benefit of both intellect & knowledge – not conspiracy nuts.

My conspiracy nut friends have been conspicuously quiet on the matter.

The story goes that a talented 17-year old musician who has been bestowed the ‘counter culture’ tag won awards at a grand televised ceremony and used one acceptance speech to take a swipe at global corporate totalitarianism. A swipe which came complete with citations [1]. As an aside I really wish she had. Fiona Apple‘s well meaning, yet babbling deceleration of “bullshit” at the Grammys several years ago still plays heavily on my mind.**

Said speech was allegedly – according to a sole blog source and related reddit feed – cut from live broadcast by the lightening fast producers at the Grammys, taking advantage of the 5 minute delay to the broadcast.

With an ickle bit of research – psyche! I did a YouTube search – I watched through what I believe to be both of her speeches as broadcast. The first, patronisingly embedded below, looks like it may feature a sharp cut so one assumes this may support the claim of suppression. She certainly looks deshreveled, perhaps coy at the end. Maybe even the kind of look one displays after quoting Naomi Klein to an unsuspecting audience of the über famous before then thanking several of them for their influence.

Now to the second speech. She’s still in the building, the Grammy bosses are keeping her there, she’s up for another award for god’s sake they’re not going to ask her to leave over the minuscule matter of denouncing capitalism, blasting the mega rich or her scathing comments on the military industrial complex. No. She’s up for best song b’jesus.

This speech appears to be the one that the much-shared post is claiming as that which was “suppressed”. Though if it was they successfully dubbed in words bestowing her thanks, which included praise for several corporate entities, over her actual words, ach fuck it let’s work on probabilities here – those ‘thanks’ were her actual words.

If the speech was made it was made in addition to thanks offered to several media conglomerates. Perhaps she was being sarcastic, though she has international distribution and management deals with two of them, so let’s say she wasn’t.

Well, I’ve been enough of a smart arse here, but if any more conspiracy debunking is needed, at three separate points the writer of the original blog post cites their own work as the influence for Lorde’s ‘words’. They also claim to have enjoyed an illustrious media career working with various comic book characters – who I am lead to believe do not exist in the real world – more is the pity.

Perhaps, maybe the OP was a little sad that the singer failed to make any comment of great substance, so made up this fictitious ‘Fiona Apple’ moment which is plain old bullshit.

If you have shared it, so did the official Swans page on Facebook. So lets assume Michael Gira himself was also convinced (& t’was that which promoted this, not you Facebook friend who is wracked with paranoia ‘kay!). What’s he like ah? That Gira.

P.s. Global corporate totalitarianism is bad. Like really, really bad, I dun’ like it. I be against.

**it doesn’t, this just made me think of it

[1] This is a citation