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Professor Tudor Parfitt discussed his new book, The Lost Ark of the Covenant, in which he recounts his real-life quest to recover the 2,500 year old biblical artifact that contained the Ten Commandments. Parfitt provided a brief history of the Ark of the Covenant, pointing out that it may have differed in appearance from the descriptions presented in the Bible. He also spoke about his life’s work tracking down the lost tribes of Israel in Africa and Asia. Parfitt’s journey eventually led him to Zimbabwe and to the Lemba, a tribe that claimed to be Jews who had traveled from Israel to their present homeland in Africa centuries if not millennia earlier.
According to Parfitt’s research, the Lemba brought a wooden drum-like object out of Israel that was eerily similar to the Ark of the Covenant. The Lemba’s ‘Ark’ had rings on each corner, was carried on poles, covered with skins and contained sacred items, Parfitt said. It was associated with noise, explosions and fire, Parfitt explained, noting that the object guaranteed victory in war for those who possessed it. The Ark-like object was looked after by the Lemba’s priestly clan, the Buba, who Parfitt said possess the same genetic ‘haplotype’ as those who today claim they are related to the temple priests of ancient Israel. Radiocarbon dating places the date of the Lemba’s Ark to around 1300 A.D. Parfitt believes their original Ark was destroyed. Remnants of the newer one are located in a museum in Harare, Zimbabwe, he said.

In this jaw-dropping video, the gentleman, well known archaeologist, Ron Wyatt, claims he has found it, and seems pretty sincere. I watched this entire body, and if true, all I can say is WOW! The man who claims to have found it speaks at about 14 minutes; however, you really need to watch it from the beginning to understand the entire message of the video. Before It’s News is not making claims that this information is factual; we do not know. However, we are posting it for you to decide. It is very interesting! What do you think? Do you think he told the truth and we have been lied to? Or, do you think that he was being untruthful?
The Ark of the Covenant found in Jerusalem — New meaning to prophecies concerning Christ’s blood

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WARNING, Controversial subject matter. This video is confronting the Catholic Church, NOT the Catholic people.

You Must See Both These Videos! They Are Amazing!

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This is the incredible story of Ron Wyatt and how he actually proved the stories of the Bible were correct! In this video which is part 2 of the series, Ron talks about how he actually found the Ark of the Covenant and how it was placed through God’s instruction under the exact spot that Jesus was crucified hundreds of years later! Don’t miss this amazing story and make sure you tell others! Ron also proved the Bible’s information about Noah’s Ark, the Red Sea Crossing, Mount Sinai and Sodom and Gommorah.

When Ron found the Ark of the Covenant, he also found the blood of Jesus Christ that had dripped down on the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant! This information should have been front page news all over the world but has been suppressed by those wishing to deny Jesus. When Israeli scientists tested the blood for Ron they had never seen anything like it! First the blood was still alive and they could analyze the chromosomes which would have been impossible if this was normal blood. Secondly when they analyzed the blood, they found that it had 23 chromosomes from the mother as was normal but only ONE chromosome from the father! About 90% of the scientists did not believe in God or Jesus Christ before they analyzed this blood. Ron Wyat reported that every single scientist involved converted to Christianity afterwards!

Even though Ron Died in 1999, you can see all of Ron Wyatt’s work and purchase books and videos on this website.

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