September 5, 2013 – October 4, 2013
astrology-painting-sun-moon-zodiac-signsOur New Moon of September 5, 2013 lies in sidereal Leo, at the Hind of the Lion. The New Moon conjoins Chort and Zosma of Leo, Suhail Velorum of Argo Navis, and it lies under the auspices of Mizar of the Great Bear. This area of the zodiac is about creative motive, that which is behind and driving our creative expressions. It is also of global-level grand spectacle, often time of a diversionary nature created by world powers with hidden agenda. At a personal level, it invites us to look beyond these diversionary smoke screens and to attune to and act upon more transcendent evolutionary currents guiding our lives. Mizar is of fiery energy that must express in a grand way. It is also conducive for developing new creative projects, and the preparatory work behind those projects, especially those intended for public presentation, or in the case of world affairs, events of a grand scale.

This lunar cycle engages a crescendo of intensity, much like a massive wave starting to build in the ocean, one leading into the November pivotal point in the Uranus-Pluto Square, which in turn leads into a greater turning in April of 2014, due in part to the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto-Retrograde Mars Grand Square occurring then. Actions taken now, over these immediate few months, both personally and globally, can be critical, as they set up significant currents that can define our course over many years ahead….
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