Celebrating our New Earth Passage into 2013 & Beyond 

A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling

w/ the Metatronic Councils of Light


This is a clarion call with a very specific purpose from the Metatronic Councils of Light within the overall galactic alignment and movement of consciousness that 12:21:12 represents. If you feel resonance, read on…


On 12:21:12 the fifth of 7 Sacred Tones that have been designed by the Metatronic Councils of Light will activated/sounded. The Sacred Tones are being activated and sounded in conjunction with specific linear time nodes which lie along the 2012 Fractal Line.


Previous Sacred Tone Activation/Sounding Transmissions:


There is a very large and powerful etheric energy current that the Metatronic Councils of Light are referring to as the “New Earth Breath Cycle.” The first New Earth “in-breath” began on 11:11:11 when our New Earth reality was birthed. On 12:12:12 we entered into a “Pause of New Earth Breath,” a transition from our first New Earth “in-breath” to our first New Earth “out-breath” which commences on 12:21:12 and continues on through 2013.


This is thus a catalytic point in linear time where all that we have assimilated and integrated in ourselves and our world in terms of New Energy energy frequencies and consciousness is now going to take a new level of expression in ourselves and our world. An outward thrust into manifestation at a new level is about to manifest for these energies and consciousness.


The name of this 5th Sacred Tone is Lys’Na, the name is from a universal star-tribe language and it roughly means “Gathering of Light.” This has multiple layers of meaning. We will be gathering up all the New Earth Light we have assimilated up to this point and using it to co-create the next level of New Earth reality in our lives and our world. We will also be gathering together for this occasion enmasse!


Perhaps most importantly, the frequency harmonics of this Sacred Tone will bring an essential energy into our planetary collective consciousness that will make it easier for us to gather together in light to co-create the New Earth in a more unified fashion than we have been able to thus far. The experience of life on Earth which has the propensity to segregate us into our own little survival scenarios, each trying to do it all alone, is going to undergo a more significant shift after this 5th Sacred Tone is activated/sounded on 12:21:12.


I will be speaking more to the nature and significance of this shift taking us more deeply into the New Earth reality through 2013 and beyond and how to align to it and assimilate the consciousness offered as part of this transmission. You will also experience a powerful meditative process and transmission for the purpose of helping you to assimilate the harmonics of the 5th Sacred Tone Lys’Na for yourself and your planet.


Everyone on Earth is going to receive these harmonics. However, this transmission is being offered for those answering the clarion call from the Metatronic Councils of Light to achieve the highest degree of harmonic resonance with this 5th Sacred Tone possible for themselves and their planet as we go through this Cosmic Portal.


Those who answer this clarion call will be the vibrational forerunners of this harmonic movement. These frequencies will in turn powerfully inform your life from the level of your Light Body. You then become a cosmic resonator for the Sacred Tone of Lys’Na on Earth!


All of the 7 Sacred Tones are equally significant because our New Earth unified consciousness matrix cannot be completed without them all. However, the 5th Sacred Tone of Lys’Na will have the greatest impact of all seven on human experience and life on Earth.


It is in a sense the equivalent of a baby’s first cry. It is with that first sound the infant makes that it has entered into direct participation in the world of form. It has begun his/her process of life manifestation through the medium of sound with its first cry which occurs on its first out-breath.


In like manner, our New Earth reality is an infant, unable to survive on its own just yet, having just emerged from the womb of its Cosmic Mother on 11:11:11. Our infant New Earth reality has been drawing in its first breath up until now. On 12:21:12 it shall utter its first sound, the sacred word, within the world of form and engage the co-creative process of life on Earth at a whole new level.


For anyone who has a deep commitment to embodying their True New Earth Self and the ascension process, this 5th Sacred Tone of Lys’Na transmission and the cosmic attunement it offers will be very powerfully helpful indeed!


Alexandra, we truly know YOUR light-love would be a great addition to this group energy!


So my dear soul friend, join us for this momentous Gathering of Light and New Earth celebration!