Most people know by now that magnesium is essential to bone health and heart function. But what many people don’t realize is that it’s also a cancer-fighting super-mineral. 

That’s especially true of cancers of the colon and rectum, with a new study showing that magnesium can slash the risk of colon cancer by 11 percent.

That may not sound all that big, but the benefits didn’t end there. The look at data on some 340,000 people who took part in one of 8 studies also found that every 50 mg increase in intake can cut the risk by another 7 percent.

So the more you get, the lower your risk.

That’s right in line with a study I shared with you over the summer, which found that every 100 mg increase in magnesium intake lowered the risk of colorectal cancers by 12 percent — with the biggest benefits going to overweight older people.

And if beating back colon cancer isn’t enough of a benefit for you, magnesium can also help slash your risk of stroke, diabetes, and other forms of cancer — and it’s so essential to cardiac function that another recent study found it can cut the risk of death by heart disease in half.

The only problem with magnesium is getting what you need, because most people fall well short of the target. You can fix that by eating more fresh leafy greens such as spinach as well as beans, nuts, and grains — but unless you’re willing to eat them every day, you’ll probably want to add a supplement to your routine.

I recommend magnesium glycinate, which is more easily used by your body than other forms of magnesium.

God bless,

Dr. Mark Stengler