Thursday, October 17
Deborah Koff-Chapin
Two weeks ago Saturn entered Scorpio, where it will stay for three years. During this initiatory passage we’re summoned to grow beyond old taken-for-granted frameworks and obsolete paradigms that block evolution.
The most deadly idea is that one group of people somewhere in the world is better or worse than another. Despite the attempts of visionaries and saints through the ages, this notion continues to strangle the planet.
Scorpio explodes that obsolete paradigm by funneling in a much different awareness from below the radar of mainstream consciousness: the awareness of how interconnected we all are on the most primal level.
As a water sign Scorpio does not prevail over the airy precincts of the mind but in the primal reaches of our reptilian brain. Scorpio strikes below the intellect. It hits us where we live inside ourselves as deep water beings, who only occasionally emerge from the fortress of inner depths to expose our core nature. Scorpio tracks psychic-emotive currents that stream through the world, deep energy streams that link us with earth and cosmos and each other. It speaks through raw impulse and gut instinct more than complex theory and paradigm.
Kat McAdams Rebirth
Kat McAdams Rebirth

This Scorpionic zone of psychic-emotive cross-currents forms a subterranean network of communication that tells a much different story than the ones spun by mass media. The Story of Scorpio is the story of an interconnectedness which belies the stale offerings of corporate politics.

In the lair of the scorpion we know ourselves to be made of the same primal matter as each other. The stuff of stars streams through our veins. A cosmic knowing drives us to pierce the obsolete myths of our time.
This deep-body knowing sends a signal of belongingness pulsating through the world body, that contradicts corporate lies that keep us estranged from ourselves and each other. That estranged consciousness is a great way to sell candidates, products and ideas that no sane person would ever buy.
When Saturn enters Scorpio, the energetic force of this primal belongingness to earth and cosmos surges up from below. This evolutionary force has been driving many of us since the 1960s Revolution in Consciousness showed us that we’re here to be so much more than cogs in the Machine.
The magnificent obsession of Scorpio is to build a world that makes sense, to carve a place for yourself that has meaning and value, to muster up a love stronger than the hate, and to break all barriers that keep us apart. As the most obsessive sign of the zodiac, when Scorpio takes hold, a hot surge rises like magma from the depths, to blow apart all structures and paradigms that hold you back from being the love that you are.
And the love of Scorpio is a great and thundering love that got buried beneath the twisted tales of a false culture. When this obsession surges from the depths, the gunk of false ideas is swept away, purging the psychic-emotive energy channels that link soul to soul and soul to cosmos. You become recruited into the hundreds of thousands of awakening souls all over the planet, who are signing up as hospice workers and midwives to assist the death of the old world and bring on the new.

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