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What do you think about the intense energy we have been feeling with Mars in the fire sign Aries along with the sun? It has been a very war-like violent energy, as witnessed by the event in Boston and the fertilizer plant in Texas. I am so glad we are out of the Aries energy and into the energy of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, although Mars will still be traveling along with the Sun for a few more days. We are still feeling the Mars energy, and Syria is now in the spot light.

On the full moon day of April 25th I heard on the news that Syria was using chemical weapons. I thought -oh no – this is bad news because the moon and Saturn are over Syria, Iran, and Israel, and the Sun and Mars are opposing that aspect. I was concerned about what that energy would trigger, and here we are in another crisis. How will this crisis be solved?

I had the time period from April 15th to the end of the month underlined in my Astrology book because of the intense energy it would create. It started out on Monday the 15th with the gold bubble bursting. Many people lost lots of money with their gold stock. It really took a tumble.

Then we had the Boston Marathon and everyone knows what happened there. Then a couple of days later there was an explosion at a chemical plant in Texas. That was a very fiery explosive week and it appeared to me like Boston was a war zone. My compassion goes out to everyone who was hurt, or lost loved ones in those events. We need to move into a higher frequency Earth where violence does not exist.

Taurus rules money. We have already experienced the downfall of the gold market. With Mars opposing Saturn it seems like there will be more challenges around money. Normally Mars and Saturn together bring police involvement, military action and challenges with money. Maybe the old system will continue to change so the new money system can finally manifest. Where is the abundance for everyone? Will that be a manifestation of the New Earth? If so, let’s all see us living on that Earth. It’s just a matter of changing our perception of life and feeling and manifesting love.

The meaning of the degree of this past full moon (April 25) was ‘A woman at an open grave.’  My degree book goes on to say that the principle of integration and form is withdrawn; leaving the Void-the open grave that ends all attachments. Check out the Tarot card called Judgment.  It has a picture of a woman angel blowing a trumpet (Gabrielle) and people are coming out of their graves. Does this mean we have released our attachments to the past? New creation comes out of the Void. What is next?

Now the upcoming eclipse New Moon is on May 9th. The meaning of this degree is a new continent rising out of the ocean. It brings the surge of new potentiality after the crisis. When the mind has been emptied and light has been called upon to purify the consciousness freed from its attachment and contaminations, a new release of life can emerge out of the infinite ocean of potentiality. It sounds like we are on our way to something new. How exciting is this?

Then the eclipse full moon of May 24th is on 4 degrees Sagittarius. This is the degree of a little child learning to walk with the encouragement of his/her parents. Or the natural assistance of superior powers during crisis of growth. It sounds to me like we will just be learning how to live on a higher frequency Earth with the help of our higher selves.

The last few months have felt to me like I had reverted back to the 3D Earth, and have had a hard time finding my way out of that dimension. There has been so much violence on planet Earth, and things to deal with that have been really hard. I feel like I have been on hold since January and that nothing I tried to do would work. It was like something was holding me back instead of going forward. I know that we can manifest in any frequency we choose to live in, but I couldn’t seem to reach the higher one.

I thought about that and what came to me is that we have been finishing up the Atlantis drama on Earth. This Sun/Saturn opposition that just happened says that a new era is about to begin. Check out this link This opposition is in Taurus on 8/9 degrees and that is the degree of Atlantis, and also the neck that connects to the spinal cord.  The reptilian brain is right there at the top of our brain stem where it connects to the neck and head. This part of our brain is what controls our body and our nervous system. Anyone else had a problem with the back of their neck recently?

I heard from a friend that we have to overcome the energy of our reptilian brain, which is fear, and move into our heart brain before we can ascend. I think that is what we have been working on for a long time. I would say that many people are now thinking with their heart. Those who have are ready to manifest and live on the higher frequency Earth. There are other people who have not yet reached that point and will have to continue to release their fear, and raise their frequency.

This week is citizens UFO disclosure week and the movie Sirius just came out. I haven’t seen this movie yet but plan on seeing it in the near future. The star Sirius is connected to the pyramids and the Sphinx. The Sphinx has the body of a lion (Leo) and the head of a woman (Virgo). The lion is roaring and the woman has just blown the trumpet. Judgment time is here. Time for a new beginning.

Taurus rules the Earth, which means there will be more large Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms and flooding, and a possible tsunami in May. The Middle East and the west coast USA will be a couple of the hot spots this month and North Korea will also be in the news. Cliff High says there will be a global coastal event that might cause some challenges this month. Only time will tell.

The Dalai Lama will be speaking at the University of Oregon at 2:00 pm on May 10. The message of his lecture will be “The path to peace and happiness in the global society.” An International peace center is in the planning stage in Eugene, Oregon. There will be a Peace Run on May 5, 2013.

I send love to all you wonderful people who have taken the time to read this article. Enjoy life; be happy, and live in the Now.  So Be It!       ***** Mahala Gayle *****


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