No wonder the energies are so intense…read this lil’ tid-bit!

Planet Tracker: Mars

Can you feel it?

Did you feel the shift from Sunday to Tuesday?

Mars just moved into Aries on Tuesday March 11.

Action, Assertiveness, Courage, Energy, Impulsiveness, Conflict, Anger, Initiative…… doubled.

Aries is ruled by Mars and when Mars goes into Aries, whew, Energy plus!

Now, as we know, energy has many ways of manifesting itself.  Energy of itself is not Bad or Good, it just is.

When the energy of Mars travels through Aries  and trickles through to us, we have choices to make.

Am I going to run that red light so I can get to work on time, or am I going to slow down and get to work in one piece.  Am I going to cuss out the idiot in front of me in the 10 items line  with 15 items, or am I going to see they have 2 children to tend with and are probably needing to get home fast themselves?

Mars energy, by itself, is not so much a planet of choice as it is pure action.  It is the energy that brought our Soul into our current personality.  It is the energy that moves us back toward our Spiritual Home.

Mars establishes relations between the opposites.  Mars color is red and this is a correspondence to the color of blood and hense also the association of Mars with passion, anger and general opposition. The sence of duality is very powerful.

As Mars moves through Aries, it is important to think before we speak or act .

Look both ways before crossing the street and keep our eyes toward the heaven we are trying to Be-at-One with.