March 2013 Overview

Source: Alpha Life Trends

March Numerology Profile:

march-2013-calendarMarch is universally a NINE* month, bring us to a time of completion. Many events in our life are pulling together to be finalized, tying up loose ends to move to the side. Clearing the decks of old events, circumstances and situations will occur with regard to those aspects that are no longer playing a major role in our life. NINE brings us to a time to let go and let God resolve the situations that have completed their purpose. March is finalizing many of these aspects through the Mercury retrograde in Pisces, through March 17th. The number NINE is defined through similar components to Pisces, as the completion of the zodiac and as NINE completes the numerology cycle. The situations whose time has come to end as one door closes and another opens will become visible through the Mercury retrograde process as completion occurs. NINE also requires faith and trust as this occurs, providing the important information that Mercury, once turned direct, will begin to open the new doors that will begin to pull us forward into new directions.

March Astrology Profile:

March becomes the pivotal month that provides changes and revisions to our goals, direction and pursuits. The first half of the month, Mercury is retrograde as Mercury turns direct on March 17th. The fact that March is a NINE month in numerology gives us the clues that our previous directions will change as our old concepts and ideas are replaced with ones associated with the intuitive and emotional alignment.

Mercury connected to action-oriented Mars on February 26th, which provided information to shift our direction. March provides the connection of Mercury to Sun and Venus, giving us the needed information to have us revise and make new decisions. With the New Moon on March 11th, we will have our new concepts and begin to understand that as one door closes another one opens. The closing doors may seem to close on those parts of our life that we don’t want to let go of, yet with the promise of something more. Even if invisible, the new options require that we have to let go and move forward in order to see that the opportunities of having one door close and another open can then become a reality.

Mercury turns direct on March 17th, at 5 Pisces, which highlights changes that are connected to the shifts and changes that are being directed from the intuitive and spiritual realms. As Mercury starts moving forward, the Equinox opens the door to bring in the innovative Aries energy that joins the winds of change planet of Uranus that is moving us all into new directions. With situations unfolding new options, we find that serendipitous events also occur moving us forward through the new doors that are opening to our new directions.

On March 28th, Sun and Venus take turns connecting with the winds of change, which opens up the opportunities that are blowing on the wind, giving us the chance to move out of the old environment and break into our new directions. With Mercury’s information changing us from the previous directions and into the doors that are now open, we are able to look at new options. The connections of today power the important changes and provide a gust of energy to move us past the old environment and catapult us into the important new directions.

Days of New Beginnings: March 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th Days of Change and Spontaneity: March 5th, 14th, and 23rd Days of Business Activity: March 8th, 17th, and 26th