Published on Oct 18, 2016

Like many starseeds Mark Jones had a rough childhood including a family that was broken for almost 40 years. Acquiring a telescope changed his life. His interest in the skies, and his sense of belonging more ‘out there’ than on Earth, led him to pursue sky-watching with increasing expertise, wider and wider lenses, and a keen sense of the spiritual worlds that also lay beyond our normal 3d realms.

Mark discusses here the crafts, the ruins, and the intact monumental constructions he has found on the lunar surface, some of which he has published on his Facebook page. With the Navy and his work at a nuclear power plant, Mark gained the experience necessary to recognize extraordinary machinery littering the near side of the moon.

Mark’s fascination with the heavens was also inspired by unusual paranormal and spiritual experiences from early childhood onward. His intimate connection with Jesus, and for a while, with traditional Christian teachings, were important formative influences. His intimate connection with Jesus remains strong and central to his life these days. However his views on the religion are decidedly ‘non-traditional’ yet profoundly compassionate and understanding. Alexandra and Mark’s conversation about Christianity provides valuable insight for lightworkers and starseeds troubled by recalcitrant family and friends whose traditional approaches to ‘sin’ and spirituality have frustrated attempts at communication.

Love and forgiveness are the major life-lessons Mark enthusiastically and convincingly conveys. Jesus, Mark says, did not ‘die to save us from our sins’ but rather exposed the archonic controlling mechanism of the conventional doctrines. Jesus was a revolutionary and a rebel in this interpretation. So is Mark, it is fair to say. Alexandra and Mark discuss various concepts of ‘sin’, the deep imperative for forgiveness, and the liberating and redeeming power of universal love. With a fresh and invigorating perspective, Mark speaks of our possibilities for spiritual self-sovereignty once liberated from the controlling mechanisms of religion, state, and other “master-slave” arrangements.

A truly ‘New Dispensation’ is upon us, he says. Mark emphasizes, however, that though we have been granted the ‘cookbook’ by Jesus, Michael, and other ascended beings, we still have to do the cooking ourselves. This interview is an inspiration to take on that task with joy and a realistic sense of hope.

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