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As with everything else, the choice to “see” is in the eyes of the beholder. Unless one wants to genuinely know, one will   never “see” anything. Most willfully wear blinders and that is there choosing. ” so be it” Peace. My philosophy is based on a good percentage of the knowledge I have gained from many different areas of documented history, religions, science, technology and the wisdom to weigh the levels of fact from fiction. And in keeping an open mind to all things that are off the wall and different and speculatively compromised. My conclusions are of mind boggling proportions.  If you have done research as I have, then most of what I have perceived will make more sense to you then a person who only believes what they are taught. The human race could not advance properly if we did not have skepticism with an open mind. Medical science is proof that tree bark is not just tree bark.

The ill perceived notions of our world governments, scientist, and religions have corrupted the core of human beliefs to stand nil to all things different and speculative. This is why most willfully wear blinders and do as the Jones do down the street. Most would like to be that one person who can make the change to humanity, but are too sheepish to step out and make it happen because of embarrassment if ridiculed. I am saying this because I have stepped out with some very controversial studies and I am continuously ridiculed by the public. Most choose to ridicule in a harsh manner, instead of being constructive with their criticism. Then when speculation meets fact, most will still wear the blinders.

            From over 2000 Images comes a Speculative Philosophy about Planets and Moons Hieroglyphs

Viewed from the eyes of a child are many perceptions, they learn first from their eyes and then their ears. Now take that thought in depth for a minute and one might realize that our eyes have more experience than our ears. We had insight with our surroundings before we could speak. A one year old boy walked up to me at a car wash, he pointed at me and said “ Jesus”.  I had long hair and a beard at the time. This is perception with the eyes and the ears because he learned the word with the image. I am not Jesus, so the toddler’s perception was compromised.  Within my studies, a child would watch and tell me “ hey there is a cat”  I would not see it in the photo.  My eyes would adjust and of course the child was right. 

I have heard many times that this is like seeing images in the clouds or floor tiles. But do the images in the clouds and floor tiles have all the intricate details an artist would apply to his art? No they don’t. The planets and moons are like a canvas to the aliens, they document life by what they have seen. By terraforming the mountains and rocks, they create homes to live in, as we live in our boxed homes. You could say that the building code is quite different off world. You could say that there addiction is creating a picture within a picture and 360 degrees around the image has to look like a different image. Then if you look at the image left to right, instead of right to left, it will be a different picture. Even as you distant yourself from the image, a larger image comes clear until you see the big picture from space. Cats are the most prominent figure of our solar system, next are reptiles, dogs, birds and different human looking species.  It is somewhat possible that there are miniatures of us and other species, along with giants. And it is plausible that most of our animals have a bipedal form of life. The bible does state and it fits to my theory as does its statement ( Genesis 1:25, God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.) This statement obviously puts man before monkey.  It seems that approximately 40 % of what we are taught about space is a lie, in order to protect their secrets. God and his angels or the Gods of our God and his angels do not believe that we are ready to receive the knowledge because we are not evolved enough. Our solar system is overcrowded with people like us that have free will. This creates a problem within the structure they have created. When we learn how to control our free will, then we have evolved.  Our World government knows that there is an afterlife, this is the reason for little regard to human lives.

After all our body is just a canister that holds our spirit and will regain our spherical form once removed. ( spirit should be spelled spherit )  This is of course speculative theory.  When all of what I have said is put into perspective, all coincides with the biblical statement that all the answers to life are in the heavens.  I also believe that we are given the choice after this life to go to a world of our choosing and that fate is not written.


If you have followed crop circles and the craft that have been seen above them, then you know the pressure technology it takes to make them. If you have seen the craft by the sun shooting laser beams and then create an explosion, then you have seen the pinpoint heat technology. Put those two together and you have the technology to shape and form anything you want as long as your power was infinite. So, you are in a ufo, you want to test your new terraforming software. You fly over to a mountain that is untouched by artificial terraforming and open up the photo of your favorite uncle in the software. You find the biggest boulder and fire up the pressured heat laser, combined with light refracting ionic technology for infinite colors. You start melting the rock to the exact specifications of the photo. You then pull up the software of your favorite aunt and move to the opposite side where you start creating your 360 degree view. You then open your house floor plan software and aim the lasers to an area where you want your main door. The laser cuts out your door and moves on to the trim that in intricately cut in the shape of your dog’s expressions of the past year. You continue inside to finish the windows, kitchen, bedrooms, and a garage for your craft. You land your craft and pull out the laser wand and do some final touch ups on the coffee table and chair you will lounge on.  As you can see, the possibilities here are endless.  Yes! A speculated guess on how they create these images on Mars. Of course this theory is off the wall and will change as I do more research. This post is purely a conversation starter and not stone cold fact. Enjoy the photos. Thank you for commenting. RPeternell

                                   First photo is The new pia16051 cut, from the recent curiosity rover

                                                        The arrow is pointed at Dead Bird rock

                                         Next is an enhancement of the above photo. It only takes photoshop one click in auto leveler to bring out what possibly is the natural base color, with the anomalies still hidden. The anomalies are changed to the same color as the natural base colors, so they do not stand out. ( look at all that green )

                                                   Next photo is an enlargement of above photo

                                       Next is the zoomed in raw version ( untouched ) of Dead Bird rock

                                                            Dead Bird Rock On Top An Unknown Creature

There are three images in the photo above. The freaky creature below the dead bird and the front wing of the bird is the photo below.

In the center towards the bottom of the main enhanced photo ( second one down ) is the green area.

          By the rocks I pulled up this photo which is the size of a grain of salt on your monitor.

                                                           ( approx 16 to 24 pixels? )

It appears to be a alien boy sitting down. In his lap might be a toy ufo. He has his arms over the toy and leaning over to pet a dog?  Not very clear because of its size. Could this be real or another rock art image?

The following rock art photos are some I had posted recently. ( from the new pia16051 )

Then I am going to show Hir Chasma Hires area and its awesome anomalies.

Here are The Hir Chasma Hires photos. The first one is the raw ( untouched photo)

                                         Next is the zoom to the upper left of the above photo                

You may not be able to make out the images yet, but the next photo is the enhanced area. Now compare the raw from the enhanced.   

Next is zoomed out a bit so you can get orientated with the photo.

As you can see, this is very intricate. It cannot be accidental. These are terraformed moutains in the shape of Earths animals! Next is the bottom portion of the same photo.

 Now If this is just a coincidence, How and why are their 12 plus images all in perfect shape?

The above eagle is the wing and head in the below photo. ( the light blue triangle )


                                Nasa states this is a meteorite below. No colors were added, It sharpened that way.

Like I said I have over 2000 images of Rock art, Terraformed mountains, etc. I started out looking at the moon. I then created ” The moon is your worst nightmare” video. The moon had these kind of images, so I moved on to mars. I will be finishing the new Mars video soon. Thank you for viewing this post and I will leave you with a city in the Hir Chasma Hires photo.