The Code Cracked: Book of Revelation Revealed
Wednesday, November 28, 2012 9:00

This guy claims he has spent 30 years to decoded ancient prophesies…very fascinating indeed!

24 elders=24,000 years procession




eagle=aquila constellation betwn capricorn and sag=13th sign of the zodiac

#4 represents death of something or procession


108=most sacred number

every angle of a perfect pentagon= 108 degrees

if you put a 5 pointed star in a circle of 360 degrees, each vertex of the pentagram is 72 degrees is apart.

72 x 2=144 degrees

144 degrees of the procession represents time of intense earth changes

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In the video, I say the name “Maxwell Jordan”. It should be “Jordan Maxwell”. Sorry for the confusion. I’m a little dyslexic. This is primarily a commentary on the Book of Revelation, incorporating Masonic, Mayan, Hindu/Buddhist philosophy. I hope you enjoy.