Source: 2012thebigpicture

falseflagTrusted insiders share intelligence that a possible false flag may be averted with this foreknowledge shared by David Lorry VanDerBeek, Nevada Governor candidate for 2014.

He has spoken out to expose the Boston terrorist event and is raising a red flag again—for MANY reasons. Good ones.

Fifty thousand boy scouts, and thousands of National Guard soldiers will be attending the Jamboree “in case of an attack or health crisis”.

They moved the location of the Jamboree from an ideal site near a military base and freeway, to a remote, heavily wooded, rough terrained area that would be impossible to secure, with one narrow road for access that can’t be seen from above, as in a helicopter.

I don’t like the sound of what he shares at all. It points directly at bio-terrorism and he names the Bechtels as the worst examples of the human race and calls the reserve “the Devil’s playground”.

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