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Thought this article was fascinating since this mysteriously lines up with the timing of politician and media arrests…and look at the money confiscated!!!  Pretty huge considering it appears to big the major kahunas in drugs….for more check out galacticcconnection.com

Cocaine seizure

Italian police seized 14kg of cocaine

Police across Europe have broken up an international drug-trafficking network, arresting 90 people in a number of countries.The operation, called “Tiro Grosso”, was a co-ordinated effort involving European and Colombian police, and the US Drug Enforcement Agency.

The network included members of criminal gangs from Italy, Colombia, Spain and Bulgaria, the Spanish interior ministry announced on Friday.

Large amounts of drugs were seized.

The network was principally involved in supplying drugs to a number of gangs operating in Italy, Spain’s interior ministry said.

Arrests were made in Spain, France and Italy.

Italian authorities froze assets worth around 14.5 million euros (£9.7m).

International co-operation

Italy – 40
Spain – 29
France – 20
Germany – 1

Operation “Tiro Grosso” involved the co-operation of police forces from Ecuador, Colombia, France, Italy, Germany and the US.

The international operation has investigated 230 people from various countries and tracked 3,500 financial movements resulting in nearly two million euros (£1.4m) worth of assets being frozen in Europe and South America.

Spanish authorities say the operation is ongoing and more arrests have not been ruled out.

In Spain 4.8 tonnes of hashish and 950kg of cocaine were confiscated while in Italy 1.4 tonnes of hashish and 14kg of cocaine were seized.

Police in France found 90kg of cocaine, and in Germany 190kg of cocaine was confiscated.