Massive Geomagnetic Storm in Progress – Kp8/SEVERE – Aurora Outbreak!

Sep 7, 2017

September 7, 2017: THE CME HAS ARRIVED, GEOMAGNETIC STORMS IN PROGRESS: A CME, traveling at nearly 3 million mph has just hit Earth’s magnetic field (Sept.7th at ~2300 UT). This is the debris from Wednesday’s decade-class X9 solar flare. It arrived earlier than expected, confirming that the storm cloud is both fast and potent. A severe G4-class geomagnetic storm is in progress as our planet’s magnetic field reverberates from the impact. Kira Moss is in Tromso, Norway, where she is seeing “massive auroras all the way round! Surreal!” High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras in bright moonlight. **Please check out and Subscribe to the youtube channel linked here, appreciate your support and kindness. Thank you MBB** #MrMBB333 SUBSCRIBE for UPDATES Website: **Subscribe to my channels below** YouTube: (Subscribe) CLIMATE CHAOS Channel YouTube:… Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Instagram: