It is sad to see people attracted to the festive atmosphere that surrounds May Day without knowing its origins. We are led to believe that it is simply a day of peace, love, and solidarity among common working people. The reality is far more sinister than that.

► May Day can be traced back to European occultism, and dancing around the May Pole originated as a fertility ritual.

► The first of May, 1776, is the date on which the Bavarian Illuminati – the granddaddy of all conspiracies – was founded by Adam Weishaupt.

► In 1886, May Day was declared by U.S. Communists as a day to commemorate International Workers’ Day as a symbol of opposition to capitalism.

► In 1889, the First Congress of the Communist International, meeting in Paris, called for global demonstrations on May first to further promote the concept of International Workers Day.

► In 1891, May Day was adopted by the Second Congress of the Communist International as an official annual event. Since that time, it has become a national holiday in more than eighty countries and is celebrated unofficially in many others.

As the saying goes, within every dark cloud there is a silver lining. The reason I am reviewing this bit of dark history is that I would like to convert May Day into something positive
give it a silver lining that can be offered to our subscribers as a thank-you for their patronage and support. At a staff meeting today, we decided that, instead of gloomily watching our friends and neighbors being brainwashed by deceptive slogans and symbols, we should do something to help sharpen their awareness of reality.

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G. Edward Griffin