This is old news but demonstrating that we are all FINALLY standing up to The Establishment and making it known we want to take back our rights and sovereignty!-A.M.

But this year’s May Day demonstrations come on the heels of the tragic Bangladesh factory collapse, a potent symbol for many of the importance of workers’ rights.

By , Correspondent / May 1, 2013

Workers and protesters hold a huge banner march to the government office during a May Day rally in Hong Kong, Wednesday. Hundreds of workers, local labor right groups, and striking dockworkers join the annual rally to demand better wages and working conditions.

Vincent Yu/AP


In DhakaBangladesh, a raucous crowd descended on the city center with signs and drums, chanting and waving banners demanding the death penalty for the owner of a factory where more than 400 people died in a building collapse last week.


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As marches take place around the world to mark Labour Day, in the Spanish capital hundreds gathered to protest against the economic crisis that has driven the country’s unemployment rate above 27 percent.

In JakartaIndonesia, some of the tens of thousands of demonstrators marching through the city came dressed as ants – complete with bright red outfits and antennae – to depict the exploitation of workers.

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Each year, May 1, better known as May Day, is marked with labor rallies and strikes around the world. And this year’s holiday came at a particularly prescient moment in many parts of the world.

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