The Mayan Elders have had it with all this end of the world talk, even going so far as to overcome their natural reticence and allow themselves to be videoed explaining whatthe end of the Mayan Calendar really means. Wait for it…A new calendric cycle or Maya baktun!  No Apocalypse, no civilizations in flames, sky falling, titanic inundations or any of that stuff. Bad news for authors/booksellers, but great for the rest of us.  ETs/EDs say, the Mayans say, and the new discovery shows 12/22/12  will NOT be the End Of The World!  Maybe we should pay attention?

The ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces have headed off one disaster after another, are holding Earth together, when she, per the ETs/EDs, would otherwise be in weeks of continuous convulsions in the Magnitude 8-9 range, and the volcanoes in full eruption, with whole regions buried and us choking to death. Nor has the Sun blasted us to extinction. Hasn’t happened. Isn’t going to be allowed to happen by the ETs/EDs, and the Sun will still be here, albeit ultimately in a gentle bluish form as it goes through its own transition, following incredible adjustments by the ETs/EDs. Those of you who have been paying attention to Comments here on this site are aware of these solar modifications. Some of you have produced the images and been told/”told” what you were seeing–truly staggering technology being applied!

ETs/EDs Issue Reassurances Of Gradual Earth Changes

Are sea levels rising? Yes. Will they suddenly rise 100 feet? Not on your life! But what about Venice, Italy? The ETs/EDs say, and studies here confirm, Venice’s plight has more to do with its sinking than sea levels risingThe message from the ETs/EDs is this: Change will be gradual, not catastrophic. The engineered disasters will be averted  by the ETs/EDs, and the natural changes managed so that they don’t destroy humankind as it finally begins to really awaken. Nor will an asteroid strike be permitted. The ETs/EDs showed that with YU-55.

The ETs/EDs of the Liberation Forces want us to stop worrying and living in fear, for there is nothing to fear regarding this 2012 date.  The opposition feeds on fear, so let’s cut back the food supply by chilling out and realizing we’ll be okay. Are there problems of many sorts to deal with? Absolutely. The Cabal, chemtrails, radiation, environmental destruction, strange diseases, crazy behavior and more. But the ETs/EDs want us up and doing, not cowering and stewing!

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