Self Acceptance

Today we would like to speak on the topic of love, unconditional love, the kind of love where you accept all persons, places and events as they are. There are no judgments made such as, “He should change this or that about himself, they should do this or if that hadn’t happened, my life would be better.”


love Unconditional love holds no judgment or fear. It is fear that instills in you a need to change your surroundings. It is fear that says to you, this is not safe or acceptable. It is fear that pushes you into feelings of inferiority or superiority. Fear pulls you farther away from what you truly desire, which is to be accepted and loved just as you are.


Life is a mirror. Everyone around you mirrors what you project. Have you ever noticed that happy things happen to happy people? Watch people who are always critical, they are often criticized and not well liked. People who are fearful to make changes in their life always seem to have their greatest fears presented to them. Those that worry most about money tend to push away opportunities where they could have more abundance.


How do mirrors work? Click on the link below and we will share some ways to help you reach the goals of unconditional love and self acceptance.


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