Days 61 – 70

Posted by Theresa Crabtree.

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Day 61 – The Nature of Cycles

Day 62 – Manifest Your Dreams

Day 63 – Forgive the Past

Day 64 – The Path to Mastery

Day 65 – Transforming Belief Codes

Day 66 – Victim Be Gone!



Imix  9    The Nature of Cycles

I am Imix, Guardian of the door to New Beginnings; where there is completion, new doors open unto you. Take time now to think of something you have recently completed. It can be as grand as ending a huge project or saying good-bye to a loved one, or it can be as simple as having finished washing the supper dishes. Choose one event that you have completed to focus on today. What doors have opened as a consequence of finishing this activity? How do you feel as you end this task or event? Is there a feeling of accomplishment, joy or desperation? Are you ready to release any ties to the event in order to keep moving forward? Many times, there is a sense of guilt associated with endings. You are trained from youth to keep seeking new goals. Often the goal becomes the reason for doing the deed while much is lost during the journey.

We suggest you pay more attention to what is occurring each moment. While you are washing dishes, are you feeling gratitude for the meal you just had? While eating, did you pay any mind to the plants or animals that have given their life for your sustenance? Did you give any attention to those involved in the processing, transportation or sale of those food items? While eating, did you give thanks to all involved? Have you ever wondered about the factory workers or pottery makers that spent their time creating the plates and cookware you used to prepare the meal? Do you consult with your body to ask what it needs? Do you mindfully chew your food in order to assist your body in the digestion process and thus retain the nutrients needed to support your health?

As you end the process of the meal by washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, wherein lies your thoughts? Are you focused on future events? Are you planning what you will do with the remainder of the evening? Are you still in the moment, giving thanks for your many blessings surrounding the meal?

It is important to pay attention to endings of cycles, no matter how trivial they seem. Paying attention to what is happening in the moment will allow you to find satisfaction and joy in all things. Many of you start tasks with the goal of completing them, yet no joy is found along the way. When you come to the end of the journey, there is just a hurried sense of getting on with the next project. You were taught this method of living in your schools. You were given assignments with deadlines, day after day. They were to be completed by the deadline or you would be punished with a bad grade, no matter how good the output. The same filtered over into your work life. Once again, you were given deadlines to fill. Many times the quality didn’t matter as much as the quantity of mass-producing items. The deadline became the main objective.

You didn’t have time to sit back and look at what you had created because you were already being pushed into the next event that has a new deadline. Many, especially in the business world are juggling several deadlines at once. It is no wonder that so many are dying of stress related diseases. It is no wonder that joy is lacking in your life. You have not remembered to stop and smell the roses. Those of you who have distanced yourself from Nature are having the most difficult times, for Nature is healing and restorative. There you will find peace and balance. Look at the forests and natural wonders of the world. Nature has no deadlines, yet all is done on time. The seeds know when to sprout. The leaves know when to fall. The birds know when to migrate. The bears know when to hibernate.

You can learn much from Nature through observation. Take time to quiet your outer world and go within. Think of ways you can become more balanced. Find ways to become more in tune with the natural cycles of the world. With the advent of technology, your world has become out of balance.

Let us take a look at the farmers of old, before corporations possessed them. They arose at dawn and had a good, solid meal. Off to the fields they would go, breathing in clean, fresh air. They were always available to help their neighbors, whether it was to build a barn or plow a field. Sharing of tools and work animals was commonplace. As the sun went down, they would retire for the evening. The family lived together as one unit, usually four generations in the house, each having jobs to do. There wasn’t the stress to run off to the city to punch a time clock. Families knew their neighbors. Children learned to caretake animals and grow their own food. Entertainment was provided through their music and art.

As the industrial age pressed upon them, the farmers got farther away from planting with the moon cycles and their known ways of forecasting weather. Even larger cycles such as allowing the soil to rest in the winter were changed when the advent of pesticides, green houses and other unnatural means of producing food were introduced. Your foods now are full of toxins. Fruits and vegetables are transported 1500 miles or more from where they are grown which necessitates unnatural means of ripening and food storage. How many farmers live off their land? Very few, for most are forced into monoculture farming, raising only one or two crops each year. This also creates a burden on the soil, depleting it of valuable nutrients resulting in food products that lack minerals necessary for health.

Next, the food is whisked off to processing plants that further destroys any remaining nutrients. Thus, by the time the food reaches your table, it is void of nutrients and has had the life force irradiated out of it. Much of what each of you consumes today is not only toxic, it is completely unnatural. Much of the obesity that exists is due to the body storing all of these unnatural items that it doesn’t know what to do with. This creates liver dysfunction and clogged cells throughout your body.

Why have we gotten off on this tangent? To show you the importance of paying attention to what is going on around you each and every moment. Did you think when we started this dialogue that washing dishes was quite a minute part of your life? In one sense, yes, it is. However, when you take time each night as you wash the dishes to pay attention to the various aspects previously mentioned, you will find that some important life choices were involved in the meal.

How important is the job you invest so much of your time in? Is that job beneficial to you or simply a means to an end, an end that never comes? What percentage of time that you engage in this job, including morning preparationand the drive to and from work, do you find joy and satisfaction? If the percentage is low, then we encourage you to find another way to support yourself. Many of you are in great fear of changing jobs or other areas of your life because you are attached to the material rewards and what others expect of you.

There are a growing number of people who are making great changes in their lives. They have looked around and found how dissatisfying their lives have become. They discovered they had hooked into a system that treats them like a robot. They have been robbed of life savings from mismanagement of their funds while they are over-paying for services that are free in other societies. Many are lonely, for they live so far from loved ones. You have lost your sense of tribe and forgotten how to share with your neighbors. Many of you have become overly attached to the technologies that surround you. Just how many televisions can one watch at a time? Why do you need five clocks in one household? Is it all that difficult to walk into another room to throw your trash away rather than own eight trashcans?

Look around your environment. How much stuff do you have that you don’t enjoy? Perhaps you want to enjoy it, but are too busy making money either to make ends meet or to buy a new house, toy or car that is bigger and better? Step back; take time to re-discover who you are. Have the courage to step out of the box and reclaim the wishes of your childhood. When you were a child, many of you had more time to dream of things you wanted to experience or accomplish in your life. However, you got busy or others stomped on your dreams and you let them fall to the wayside.

Take time now to reflect back on dreams you set aside. Are they still valid? Do you still want to motorcycle across the country or climbMt.Everest? Do you still dream of having a log cabin in the woods surrounded by a white picket fence? What dreams do you wish to explore? What is hindering you from fulfilling those dreams?

We encourage you to look closely at your dreams and find ways to make them reality. Peer pressure keeps many from speaking out. We suggest you move forward anyway. Seek out those who have stepped out of the box and moved forward with their lives. These are the people who will support you the most, for they have already pressed through their inner fears and the ridicule from others around them. You may be astounded to find out how many live vicariously through them, sometimes feeling resentment and sometimes feeling joy and a sense of hope that one day, perhaps they too will find freedom in their lives.

You may need to make great changes such as leaving a church, ending a relationship, changing jobs or moving to a new location. Each one of these takes great courage, but the rewards are well worth the effort. If you are not ready to make great changes, start by allowing yourself to dream. Many of you have lost the art of imagination, yet this is the keystone to any great change. If you can visualize it, if you can feel it, if you can taste it, then you can create it! Have the courage to move forward. Have the wisdom to live in the moment, paying attention to what is happening around you. Everything is literally an attitude away. If you are not happy, do not blame others. The belief codes you have chosen are steering the boat to whatever course you are currently on.

Have you ever wondered why some people can forgive others of great transgressions or why some people are always happy, no matter what circumstances they are in? It is because they have learned to hold themselves responsible for their own actions and allow others to be responsible for the choices they have made. Talk with these people and learn from them. They are your greatest teachers. We hope that the next time you wash your dishes, your mind will expand to the point where you will know that all things are possible and that your happiness and joy in life is truly a gift and your birthright.

Selamet!  Imix 9



Ik  10    Manifest Your Dreams

I am Ik. Welcome to this blessed day in which exists all possibilities. Of the myriad of choices available, what will you choose? Do you know that you are in control of your destiny? Do you realize the importance of your words and how they ripple throughout the entire fabric of the universe? Have you any realization of the impact your thoughts, both positive and negative, have on yourself and others? Thoughts and words fueled by your emotions are the stuff that manifestation is all about. Today we will focus on the gift that Tone 10 has to offer, that of manifestation. With the increased energies of this day, you will have before you a palette to choose from.

What is it you desire? What forgotten dreams lie within you? Have you a problem that needs resolved? Is there a fear you wish to overcome? Have you an addiction to a food or substance that you would like to regain control over? Is there a relationship you would like to establish or reconnect?

Choose one to focus on today. Take a few moments now to center yourself and release the worries of the day. Clear your mind of the clutter that distracts you. Focus on your breathing, letting your breath flow in and out at a normal rate. Relax your muscles and let your mind wander to an issue you would like to work on today.

Allow yourself to dream big. Do not allow your mind to talk yourself out of anything, ever. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish. There is no-thing that you cannot move closer to. Many times what you desire is an attitude away. Once you break through barriers of protection you have created, you will be amazed at what you can experience and accomplish!

Now, lock onto one thing you would like to manifest in your life. See it clearly in your mind. Use all five senses to make the visualization as real as you can. In your mind’s eye, look at what is happening around you. If there is some part that you don’t like, change it until the dream feels comfortable and gives you joy.

What sounds do you hear? Focus here for a moment. Smell the surroundings, making it as real as possible. Feel the sensations surrounding you, perhaps it is the touch of a loved one or the fabric of the interior of your dream car. What words are being spoken by you or others in the visualization?

When any fears or doubts come in, let them flow by. You do not need to rationalize what can or cannot be done, for this left-brained activity is what has kept you from attaining your dreams. Pay attention to what emotions are present. If there is anxiety, sadness or anything that feels uncomfortable, push them aside. Remember this part of the journey is just a dream; it is like trying on new clothes and looking to see how you like them in the mirror.

If concerns over money arise, set them aside and know that you will be shown ways to purchase or obtain this item. If your desire is a mate, let go of a specific person and allow the right and perfect person for you to manifest. Perhaps it is a new job or relocation that is the object of your desire. Visualize your day-to-day activities at this new place. Check your attitude and how you present yourself to your new co-workers and neighbors. Perhaps you wish to be called by a different name. Introduce yourself to others using that name and notice how it feels to you.

Use this process for whatever you wish to manifest in your life. The main obstacle to obtaining the life of your dreams is the wall of protection you have built. You can begin dismantling the wall in this instant by releasing the fears you have of being hurt or unworthy. Work past your issues of trust that stem from lies and hurts from the past.

Have the courage to move forward and take the steps necessary to create what you wish to experience. Let go of the need to impress others and your concerns about what others may think of you. This is your life; choose what you want. Allow others to choose their own path of experiences. Learn to support each other no matter how crazy one’s dreams may appear to be.

Which is better, to have lived life to its fullest or to have simply lived? Which do you prefer, a humdrum life or a life brimming with happiness and joy? Regain your sense of adventure and wonder that you had as an inquisitive child. Find joy in everything you do. Remember yesterday’s example regarding washing dishes? There is joy to be found in even the most menial tasks.

In the next few days, take time to return and visualize your dream into existence. Find ways to clarify your dream. Perhaps you will write affirmations on paper and put them in prominent places where you will see them. Some people enjoy making visualization boards by pasting the objects of their desire on a wall and spending time dreaming the dream, using their emotions to generate the courage needed to take action. Others simply write down their wish list in order to clarify what they desire.

Once your intentions are clear and stated orally, mentally or in print, your Angels and Guides will start working to assist you in manifesting your dream. Know that the intention must be clear. Let go of expectations of the exact circumstances that will lead to your desired result. Keep working daily on releasing any blocks and fears that pop up along the way.

Watch for synchronicities that are like signposts along the trail that help you stay on your Path. Know that at any time you can choose a different path or change the goal. You will find that once you release a specific fear, another door will open and allow you to move closer to what you wish to experience.

Let us say that you want to purchase a car. Your initial dream was a used car in decent condition because you still had the block that you can’t afford a new car. Once you release the blocks associated with not enough money, you allow yourself to dream bigger and go for a new car. As you get more excited and the reality of a new car becomes more attainable, you start looking at new cars on the road and visiting several car dealerships. Then while test-driving a new Prius, something clicks and you can see and feel yourself driving a car like this.

Now that you have taken steps to manifest a new car, your visualization sessions will be more pronounced. You can remember the smell of the new Prius, you have chosen the colors you want for the interior and exterior. You see yourself driving to work and home. You hear the sound of the engine and feel the wind as you drive with the window down.

Next step is how to finance this vehicle. It is not uncommon for people to receive an unexpected inheritance or to be the recipient of a gift from another. Perhaps at the dealership they are able to give you an offer you can afford, even if you have a history of bad credit. Dream the dream, make it as real as possible. Look for ways to make it happen. Let go of thoughts of lack and unworthiness. Break through old fears by pressing forward. Fill your heart with joy and gratitude for the blessings you already have. Experience the dream as though it is already happening, for it is.

There are many movies and books available that offer suggestions on how to create your reality. They are all valid, although they have different approaches. Know the uni-verse is just that, one voice, and it is here to support you in any activity or event you want to experience.

We do wish to give a word of caution at this time. Although this process can give you more wealth and abundance than you can imagine at this moment, know that material objects are not a source of joy and that with them comes responsibility. We do suggest a life of simplicity, not one in which you become bogged down with toys that need a lot of maintenance.

The other main ingredient to living a life of joy, is gratitude. Be thankful in each and every moment for the wisdom you have and the knowledge you are gaining. In this moment in history, humans are waking up and living consciously very rapidly. Seek to find ways to simplify your life and create joy in yourself and those around you, for this is where you will find satisfaction in all you do. Simply adding material objects to your wish list will not create satisfaction. However, enjoying the fruits of your labor as well as the path you took to obtain them will ensure a life filled with joy and satisfaction.

Know that all things are possible, yet each comes with a price. There is much unrest in your world and obstacles to overcome. Have the courage to move forward and change the laws that no longer serve you and your society. Change the way your children are educated. Force politicians and business leaders to spend your money more wisely.

Pay attention to your ecology and your economy. Most societies have handed over complete power and control to leaders entrusted to represent the people. However, you have found that this type of government has failed you miserably. Instead of complaining, gather together, rise up and demand that changes be made that ensure a future for your children. Pay attention to changes you can make in your life that will make the world a better place.

Know that your thoughts carry much weight and can be more harmful than throwing plastic bags in the sea. On other days, we have talked more fully on the impact thoughtforms have on your world, so we will not further deliberate on them today. We wish to simply remind you to watch your thoughts, words and actions and to maintain control of your emotions each moment.

This can sound like a huge responsibility and it is. However, with practice and mindful living, you will find it easier to be centered and in joy each moment, no matter what is happening around you. We take leave of you now and wish you the best in creating your reality. Know that you can call on us anytime for support and assistance and for those of you who are here to learn patience, remember to take one step at a time! Do not give up hope that all is possible!

Selamet!  Ik 10



Akbal  11    Forgive the Past

I am Akbal with the Tone of 11. Welcome to this grand and glorious day of new beginnings filled with the anticipation of future dreams. What do you wish to create? Your future begins now, in this moment. No matter what you have chosen in your past, the Path you walk today will create your future.

Take time to quiet your mind and relax your body. Take a few moments to breathe in and out, releasing the thoughts and cares of the day. Feel your muscles relax while focusing on your breathing. Take a moment to reflect on the circumstances of your life. Feel gratitude for each of the blessings that comes to your mind. Are there any areas of dis-ease or unrest you would like to change? Choose one, it matters not which one for you can return at any time and work on other issues.

Look closely at the problem you wish to focus on today. When did it first appear in your life? What were the circumstances surrounding the event? How did you react at that time? How did any others involved react at that time? Was there something that could have been said or done to resolve the issue when it first arose? If so, take note of this and let it be a reminder to you to have the courage to say what needs to be spoken when future issues arise, so they will not fester and become problematic.

No one has control over what another person feels, thinks, believes or how he behaves. You have control only of yourself and for many this control is rarely contained. Thus, the place to focus on your dis-ease is within yourself. What has caused this unrest in yourself? In what ways did you contribute to the problem?

If it is a physical malady you want to release, know that in most cases, disease is caused by stinking thinking. Thoughtforms that are negative glop onto each other, many times within the person’s auric field. When these collective thoughtforms become denser, they manifest as a malady in the body.

We know this is not true for all things, because many of your current diseases are caused by toxic foods, beauty products and environmental pollution, all created by yourselves. We suggest you take a closer look at the foods you ingest and the lotions you place on your body. Take an active role in cleaning up your environment. Plant a garden and learn to grow your food without pesticides and herbicides. What better ways can you spend your time than enjoying the world around you and learning to take better care of the Earth?

We return to the issue you are focusing on today. Be as objective as possible and honestly review your role in the situation that caused the problem to continue. Is there something you can do to resolve the issue? If you are unable or unwilling to resolve issues with other people, you can still forgive them for their part in the transgression. Simply understand that they made the best choice they could in the circumstance. No matter how you feel they should have reacted, they (and you) were both making choices based on your belief codes. It is only natural that each of you speaks and reacts within your comfort zone. This is why it is so important to be consciously aware of the belief codes that are driving your life.

Many therapists suggest that people write letters to those with whom they are trying to resolve issues. This has advantages, whether you mail the letter or not, for it helps to give the problem clarity. We suggest you write this letter in a way that you accept full responsibility for whatever transpired. This does not mean that you were fully to blame, however it is one method of pulling the reality of your involvement into the open.

It is easy for people to justify everything they say and do by blaming others for all that has transpired. By writing down ways you were responsible for the event, it opens the possibility for you to recognize your role in the upset. Find good friends you can entrust your story with. If your friends are objective and can speak openly and honestly with you, it may be good to relate the event to them and ask their input on how you could have handled the situation better. This entails that both of you have reached a level of maturity in which you can objectively look at both sides of the story. It is also imperative that you are able to receive another’s advice gracefully.

Generally, unresolved issues are relived by repeating your stories over and over to others. The reason is not to resolve the problem, but to gain support that will enable you to be the righteous one or the victim. We do not condone such behavior; it is very detrimental to all involved. As you mature and learn to speak your truth, with integrity, your relationships will blossom and the fighting that is rampant on Earth will significantly lessen. You each have within you the power to be peacemakers. However, your fears and the need to control others or force your beliefs onto others causes you much static.

Once again, we return to the issue that you are focusing on today. Are you able to accept your role in the event? What could you have done better in the situation? Muse on this for a while and in your mind role-play how you can act differently when the same or similar situation arises in the future. Many times, you cannot undo an event, but you can learn from it and make better choices the next time. That is what ascension is all about, learning to master and control your Self.

Can you think of ways to rectify the situation? What will it take? Do you have the courage to take the necessary steps to right the wrong? Perhaps it is time to let go of a belief code that no longer works for you. Have courage to move forward in all you do. A life of wonder and bliss awaits all who have the courage to move past fears and focus on love and gratitude. Focusing on negative thoughts will keep you entrapped in a world of pain and suffering. This is the hell that many of you fear. It is a creation of your own mind. This need not be so. Many of you are so deeply entrenched in your negative outlook on life that you have drowned your sorrows in alcohol or try to reach moments of bliss by ingesting pills.

There is a better way, but you must first gain control of your thoughts. Stop blaming others for anything. Stop viewing yourself as a victim, no matter what the circumstances. If it happened in the past, it is over. Stop worrying about the future, because it isn’t here. Gain control of your life by living in the moment. Look around and find the blessings in your life and give thanks. A grateful heart will open the door to more blessings. When you are locked in despair and victimhood, it is impossible to see the blessings that lie beyond you. Like a horse with blinders, you keep yourself locked in a cycle of despair, not allowing hope to come into your awareness.

Most have to hit bottom before they will even look up or reach out their hand for help. At any moment, any one of you has the ability to have an “Aha!” moment and to choose a completely different path. However, you will never reach this point until you stop your runaway train of negative thinking. How can you do this? It is simple, when you are having negative thoughts, think again. Force yourself to think of something else. This may be difficult in the beginning, for like all habits, it takes practice to undo. However, it is possible, and with practice, it will become easier to let go of old thought patterns and enjoy new, more loving and positive thoughts.

Today we suggest you look deeply at the issue you wish to resolve. Accept the parts that you were responsible for. Forgive others for the role they played that was in disagreement with you. Forgive yourself for your part. Find ways to rectify the situation. Practice ways to react differently in future scenarios. Take any actions necessary to clear the negative energy, whether it is in the form of an apology, a conversation or simply the release of negative energies through the power of forgiveness.

Do not consider yourself a victim. At best, consider the event a valuable learning experience. Many times, the most painful situations you heal in yourself allows you to help another who is going through the same situation. This is the beauty of experience; being able to share and support your fellow man. It is our hope that your heart is open to see the beauty within yourself and all others around you. We invite you to call on us for support and encouragement. You have within you the power to resolve any issue that confronts you. Simply have courage to face these issues and infuse them with love so a clear resolution for what is in your highest good and the good of all can shine forth!

Selamet!  Akbal 11



Kan  12    The Path to Mastery

I am Kan. Greetings on this magnificent day in which you are given the blessings of fairness and equality! You are blessed with the gift of free will, which allows you to choose whatever path you wish to walk. Will you make choices based on fear or choices made from love of self, others and planet Earth? The choice is yours.

This day of Kan 12 supports your goal to integrate all that you have experienced. Reflect on the knowledge you have gained from your relationships with people, places and events. You have a unique set of circumstances that has given you much to reflect on. The question is how to integrate this knowledge so it becomes a part of you? How will you use these pieces of the puzzle to create your own set of rules and sense of identity? Once integrated, they become who you are and the source from where you pull your strength and courage. It is your wisdom and yours alone.

To be able to share your wisdom with others in a way that does not interrupt their walk of life is an art form. There is a fine line between sharing and expecting others to follow your advice. Whenever you give advice or suggestions to others, pay attention to the purpose behind your action. If on any level you have the expectation that they should follow your advice, your ego is in the way. If you feel any resentment or frustration when others do not do as you suggest, look within yourself to find why you have this pressing need to help or fix others.

Can you not see that when you push your ideas onto others, that you are disempowering them? Your actions tell others they are inferior and incapable of making good choices for themselves. This creates separation and is the basis for all unrest and wars among you.

Observe Nature. Have you ever witnessed a flower scolding another for not protecting themselves better from the wind? How do animal mothers teach their young? By example. When they are very young, the mother will keep them close to home until the time arises when the young need to learn to hunt and fend for themselves. Mother animals are well aware of the dangers that lurk in their surroundings. Yet they do not coddle their young and try to keep them from experiencing life.

Your society for generations has been filled with over-protective mothers trying to protect their young from experiencing the hurts they have gone through. Although there is nothing wrong with this behavior, it tends to create neurotic and fearful children who grow into adults who are always on the lookout for possible blows from others. Many of you are so distrustful of your fellow man that you do all in your power to stay safe within your little bubble of protection. Where is the joy in such a life?

As a result, there are generations of fearful people pressing their belief codes onto others. When one does not follow the prescribed path called “normal,” he finds himself ostracized by his peers and ridiculed for being a free thinker. This behavior has gone on long enough. It is time for each of you to take responsibility for yourself. Allow others to follow their path and discover what lies ahead without fear. Coddling or enabling others only stunts their growth and gives you an imbalanced sense of superiority.

Many of you will argue that you only have the best interest of others in mind. In some cases, this may be so. The true test comes in how you feel or react when others have no interest in what you are sharing with them. If on any level, you feel discontent when your advice is not heeded, then you can be assured that you are being overly concerned and righteous.

Perhaps others make choices you are certain will endanger their lives. It is important to share your knowledge with a child who has never experienced specific events in order for them to become aware of the danger. However, there comes a time when the child grows up, fully knowing the dangers that lurk ahead. She may decide to move forward in the experience anyway. This is her desire, the path she has chosen. Allow her to do so. Rather than forcing your opinions on others, allow them to have their own experiences.

Thoughtforms attach themselves to similar thoughtforms. When you seed your fears into another person’s consciousness, there comes a time when that person may adopt your belief codes. Sad indeed would the world be if all the river runners, mountain climbers and joy seekers had followed the advice of their parents and peers who injected their fears into these adventuresome ones. Without the adventurers, you would all still be living in the cradle of society with much of the land mass and oceans withholding their beauty from you. How much of this blessed Earth would still be untouched by human hands and hidden from your view?

Each of you is unique. We ask that you look at each other with a fresh set of eyes. Know that you all come from the same Source and that one day you will return to that Source. Instead of focusing on your differences, start to bridge the gaps of separation by recognizing your sameness. There is not one among you that is better than another. There is not one among you that is not capable of being a fully realized Spiritual being. Each of you has the capacity to live a full life. Support each other no matter how strange or frightening their choices may be to you. Know that each person is responsible for the choices they make. Allow yourself to be all that you can be. Work through the fears and frustrations you encounter every day. Dream big, for all is attainable.

When you see another that you judge as helpless or ignorant, do not be fooled. These people are just as capable as you, and many times have demonstrated more intelligence in their way of life. Many that are homeless are there because they do not want to live in society’s shadow. Many imbeciles are full of love in their heart and can be your greatest teachers. Do not feel sorry for those with congenital diseases. Instead of averting your eyes when you pass them, look them in the eye and smile. Push through uncomfortable situations and get to know your fellow man deeper.

When you look at others with pity, you are judging them as victims. When you ignore those who have less, you are judging them as inferior. When you are cold to others, you are telling them they are not worthy of your attention. Who is to blame for all the unrest in the world? Each and every one of you. In order to have a world full of peace, love and joy, each of you must find it within yourself first.

Sharing your experiences and wisdom with others is crucial. However, we see that much of what you have to offer others is done in a condescending manner. Although many of you think you are doing others a favor by giving advice, your approach turns them off and closes the door. Do not play god and assume that you know what is best for the other. This only creates more distance between you.

When you can share with others your experiences and truly not be concerned how they are received by others, then you are on the path to freedom. Whenever you share with others and have the fear or mistaken notion that your information is what they need, you set yourself up for failure. To be successful in all your endeavors, be satisfied in your heart that you planted a seed coming from your sense of truth and integrity.

Know that all seeds fall on different soil. Some of your seeds will fall on rock and wither in the sun. Others will fall on poor soil and the plant will struggle all its life. Some seeds will drown in the rain or be washed out to sea. Many seeds will be covered with soil and remain dormant for years. Other seeds will fall on enriched soil and sprout into magnificent plants.

See your advice the same way. Some will be heeded and some will not. If you are honest with yourself, on reflection you can look back and find numerous examples of good advice that you took which led you to discontentment. It may have been advice from the heart and shared with love. It may have been advice that was beneficial to others, but it just didn’t suit you, and now you live your life as a result of it.

How many times did you receive “bad” advice that you didn’t take, only to find out that it would have made your life much more enriching? We say there is no good or bad advice, they are simply choices that are presented to you. It is up to you to choose those that feel appropriate.

How do you feel when someone insists you follow their advice? Have you ever felt inferior, stupid, mistrusted your intuition or told you are stubborn when you chose not to follow their advice? Does this bring you closer or separate you from this person? How do you feel when others share their experiences with you then tell you they support you in whatever choice you decide to make? Can you feel the difference? When you give advice, yet remain supportive, you will draw others closer to you.

If you receive advice from others and make your decision based on what feels right for you, then you will enrich your life. It is also important that the one receiving the advice not judge the one giving the advice. It is a mark of maturity leading to mastery of Self when you allow others to choose their path, no matter how different it is from your own. We invite you now to quiet your mind and to take several moments to reflect on ways you may be forcing your beliefs on others. Also, take time to reflect on ways you may be condemning those you feel are imposing their beliefs on you. It is a two-way door that most of you are involved in.

Pay attention to your interactions with others and be on the lookout for times when you are involved in either side of this issue. How can you best share your experiences without attachment to the results? Pay closer attention to the reasons why you feel it is important to give advice. Many times people are simply venting; they are not looking for outside solutions. It is wise to ask others if they are just venting or if they sincerely want your input. Honor their answer.

You all have different ways of resolving problems. You all are on a different path, with a unique set of circumstances. Learn from your differences. Share your joys and sorrows. Do not look at yourself or others as victims; this is a tough belief code to extract. Find ways to support and encourage each other. You will find others flock to you for support when they know your heart is compassionate and your words are kind. Those who play the role of victim will be attracted to those who impose their ideas onto others. These people need a savior because they have yet to learn that all they need is already inside them. The saviors are the ones who feel they have the right answers for others. This false sense of superiority will eventually lead to their downfall.

Without saviors, there is no need for victims. When each of you learns to support each other from a sense of balance and equality, the true essence of brotherhood will shine. It is in this environment that you will nurture a society of adventurous, free-thinking, healthy individuals. Until then, you will continue coddling others and creating victims and helpless individuals who need others to tell them what to do. Which do you choose?

If you choose a society of healthy individuals, what steps do you need to take to create this? Learn the fine line between supporting and enabling others. It is not always easy to see the difference. However, you will know what you are sowing by what is reaped. When a person returns to thank you for assistance you gave them and they are moving forward towards a more satisfying life, know that you were helpful to that individual. Do not expect this to happen, but rejoice when it does.

Know that others may resist your teachings in the beginning, but a seed was planted that may later be sprouted by another. Acknowledge your part and be appreciative that you have helped another along their Path. Do not expect this to happen, but rejoice when it does.

Find ways to assist without expectations. True Masters assist those who come to them; they do not seek the audience of others. They listen intently and offer advice only when asked. Many times the Master does not offer anything more than a question such as, “What do you think is best?” This allows the seeker the opportunity to use his capabilities to resolve his own problems. Thus a new Master is born, one who has the ability to take control of his own life, regardless of what others think.

We suggest you master yourself fully before attempting to create Masters out of others. Like attracts like. When you have mastered your own life, others who are ready to do the same will seek you out for advice and support. Until then, you are simply throwing your pearls before swine and your words will fall on deaf ears. When it matters not to you if others follow your advice, then know you are on your way to mastery, for no one else will be able to influence who you are. You will have become your own Master!

Selamet! Kan12



Chicchan  13      Transforming Belief Codes

I am Chicchan with the Tone of 13. Today we would like to approach the topic of transformation. Within each of you lies the power to change anything in your life that is out of balance. All this takes is courage and the conscious awareness that there is something out of balance that you can change.

What areas in your life are not suited to your liking? Does your work bring you joy? Are your relationships mature and satisfying? Do you spend recreational time in activities that are fun? Are you following pursuits that bring you happiness? Do you like your living situation? Are you physically fit? Does your income match the goals you wish to attain in this life? Do the goals you wish to attain bring you a sense of excitement? Are you working toward these things or are you feeling stagnated? There may be several areas in your life you would like to change. Today, pick one and let us find ways to create the life of your dreams.

First, take a few moments to quiet your inner mind and outer world. Let go of the thoughts of the day. As you breathe in and out, relax your muscles from your toes to your nose. This allows your left and right brain synapses to flow freely from one side to the other. Fill your heart with gratitude while focusing on the many blessings that are in your life. Being in a state of gratitude will increase the frequency of love within your body, allowing you clearer access to your subconscious mind.

When you are uptight, stressed out, depressed or angry, your body vibrates at a lower frequency. When this happens, it is harder for you to think clearly. You may go into a downward spiral as you focus your thoughts on negative issues. Once this spiral gets out of hand, it is easy to slip into victim mentality, making it harder to think clearly.

This may happen quite often throughout the day if you are not watchful. Those who consciously work on maintaining balance through meditation and mindful living are more easily capable of snapping out of these moods and situations. However, those who are living unconsciously may take years or lifetimes to pull out of the spiral of negativity. We are here today to assist you in living more consciously, so you can pull yourself from the mire and be able to recognize the spiral of negativity in its beginning stages.

Today, choose one area of your life you would like to change, it matters not which one you choose for you can return at any time and choose another area of concern. Notice where you are today with this situation. What areas are not working for you? You may wish to write down anything pertaining to this matter that is causing you unrest. Include things beyond your control such as what other people are saying or doing in relation to the matter.

Now, take as much time as you need to visualize how your life would be different if this situation were not present in your life. Write these things down; be creative and think big. Erase any doubts that come into your mind or any concerns regarding how impossible it would be to attain this vision.

Keep in mind this is only an exercise, you can change anything you wish along the way. You may choose to come back to this list at various times and add more to the vision. It is not uncommon for people to dream bigger as they work through their fears and beliefs. Also, it is quite common that as you release negative thinking and replace it with courage and a positive outlook, your dreams and desires will also change.

After you have your initial lists written down, begin with the list of things that are dissatisfying in regards to the issue you have chosen for today. Look them over carefully, one at a time and notice how you feel. If you have a sense of joy or euphoria, this segment is probably not an issue for you. Pay close attention to those items you have listed that cause you to feel anxious, upset, angry, frustrated or any other low frequency emotion.

Next to each one of these items, write the feelings that have arisen. What you will do each time you return to resolve this matter, is to go into each of these emotions and find the cause of them. As you practice this technique and allow yourself to feel these emotions, many times you will find that the initial cause of your discomfort has nothing to do with the present situation, it has simply triggered something from a past event.

For example, you have listed how it annoys you when your spouse chews with his mouth open. On the paper next to this item, you wrote: crude, disgusting, embarrassing when others see it, angry, etc. Now, as you go further into each emotion and look at why this behavior triggers you, perhaps you will remember that when you were young, you were spanked when you chewed with your mouth open and were told that you were being crude. As a result, a new belief code was created, that people who chew with their mouths open are crude. Furthermore, you were told, “Stop that! You are embarrassing me and making me look like a bad parent!” Now the belief code that what you do is a reflection on others has been created.

You may further realize that you get angry when others chew with their mouth open because you have a subconscious belief code running that it is not fair that others are not being punished for chewing with their mouths open and you were. Now that you are consciously aware of why the open mouth chewing makes you angry, you can look at the issue with new eyes.

Remove any judgments you have made about the other person’s behavior. This is done through a sense of allowing, which means that others have a right to choose what they wish to do. Recognize that the embarrassment you feel is your belief that your spouse’s behavior is a reflection on you. You may also have a sense of superiority that you have better manners or know what is best for the other person.

No matter what reasoning you use or what emotions you are feeling, you would be wise to let go and allow the other person the freedom to choose how to live his own life. Now that you know the reasons why this issue is bothersome, you have the chance to go back and heal the original situation.

Perhaps you still harbor anger at your parent for spanking and scolding you when you chewed with your mouth open. This is a good time to work on forgiveness towards your parent. Also, you may choose to look deeper at the belief codes that were instilled in you at that time.

You have the option to retain these belief codes, to discard them or to modify them. You may still think it is crude and disgusting for people to chew with their mouth open. However, you are desirous of letting go of the belief that your spouse’s behaviors are a reflection on you.

More than likely you will have an “Aha!” moment and realize that you have this same feeling in other situations, such as certain clothing your spouse wears. When you release the pattern of being overly concerned about how others think about you when they observe your partner chewing with his mouth open, all of the other related patterns, such as his choice of clothing, may dissolve at the same time. Like dominoes, when one aspect of a belief code falls, all others related to it may fall, as well. You may also discover that you were embarrassed by specific behaviors of your parents, your siblings or your friends. Once you break the pattern with one person, it is easier to release the same pattern with others.

If you have children, this could be a great freedom, for many parents feel their children’s behaviors are a direct reflection on themselves. To a certain extent, this is true, but as the child matures, if given the freedom to make choices, those choices are a reflection on the child only. Can you see the point we are trying to make?

No matter what belief code you are operating under, it can be changed. However, most of you are running on automatic pilot and are not even aware of the reason why various things bother you.

You may come to the understanding that things other people say or do that upsets you are triggering something inside yourself that needs attention. You can use this process to discover any belief codes you have running. When you are consciously aware of the belief codes that are triggering your emotions, you are then able to choose those you wish to modify or discard. This is what it means to be a conscious person.

No longer are you simply reacting to circumstances around you. No longer are you swaying like the flame of a candle in the wind. As you master your emotions and the belief codes that trigger them, you will become more proficient at making choices for your highest good. You will learn to dream bigger as you release the fears and judgments that have kept you imprisoned. As you discard concerns about how you feel others think you should speak, dress or behave, you will blossom into the beautiful, unique flower that you are. These changes take time, energy and courage.

You have taken years to create the belief codes that currently rule your life. You have fallen into patterns of spiraling negative thinking. Your attainment of freedom is directly proportional to your desire to free yourself from these patterns. Limiting thoughts can be untangled, layer by layer, as you modify the belief codes that no longer serve you.

Do not expect to attain enlightenment in one day. Many are overly concerned about getting past their negative stuff so they can ascend and leave this world. If you are in this mindset, you may be forgetting that the reason you came to this planet was to experience the beauty of its physical nature. There is no need to focus on leaving the planet. Perhaps you would consider the beauty of living on this planet as a compassionate, loving human be-ing. We use be-ing this way to point out that most of you are so focused on do-ing that you forget the beautiful essence of simply be-ing.

There is no need to save others or the world. Imagine how you would like the world to be, then mold your belief codes and practice changing your thoughts, behaviors and emotions to fit into that life pattern. As you change yourself, others will have the courage to change themselves. When just one of you raises your vibration to a higher level, it ripples throughout the fabric of the entire universe.

What one does affects all; that is why it is important to be cognizant of what you think, say and do. Your emotions carry throughout the universe. Negative emotions glop with other negative emotions, which creates dense matter that can create havoc in your world. Positive emotions flow freely, blessing all that come along its path.

Which do you choose, a life of bliss or one of despair? Either is in your grasp. This universe was set up to allow those entering into physicality to have the free will to experience anything they choose. There are many complexities within these choices. We will speak of these on various days throughout the year.

However, for today, the assignment is to choose which belief codes you wish to live by. We encourage you to release your fears and judgments and to dream big. Allow yourself the freedom to choose what makes you soar. It may be difficult to let yourself loose at first. Look around at free spirits who are living out of the box. It might do you good to befriend some of them and to discover the ways they were able to muster the courage to live a life of freedom.

Have courage and know that we are always here to support you. Know that within yourself lies all you need to break the bonds. After all, it was you who created the bonds in the first place. Take responsibility for your actions and have the courage to move beyond limiting beliefs and to explore all that nature has to offer you.

Have fun! Celebrate! Peace and joy to you!  Chicchan 13



CIMI 1    Victim Be Gone!

I am Cimi; welcome to this time of sharing. We are grateful that you have an interest in working with us as a means of understanding your humanity in a more forthright manner. Know that within you lies all understanding. We are here to support you and to help you awaken those gifts that lie within. Today we would like to talk about death. Not just physical death, but death to behaviors and attitudes that no longer serve you. How do you kill a repeated behavior? How do you smite an attitude? With the sword of awareness.

First, you must know what you are doing and saying on a conscious level. Much of what humans do and say is simply rote, repeated patterns that are done automatically. When you meet another, you say, “Hello, how are you?” The other responds, “Fine, thank you.” Then you part ways. Nothing was said, nothing was shared. Superficial. Most of your conversations are the same.

How often do you have deep conversations with those you have recently met? It is just as likely that family gatherings have the same shallow interactions. You may have one or two friends that you share deeply with. Yet, even in the best of situations, most of you hold back what is deep in your heart for fear of being ridiculed or rejected.

Can you imagine what this world would be like if each person you interacted with made a true heart connection? How often do you pass a stranger without acknowledgement? How many times have you sensed another person was in need, but you avoided eye contact and walked on by? How many times have you felt lost, needing to talk to someone, but had no one to turn to?

What if you meet a stranger on the street and you sense the other is in need. Instead of looking away and passing by, you stop and say, “Hello, I sense you are grappling with a problem. Can I offer a listening ear?” Can you see the beauty in these interactions? You would truly become a more compassionate and caring society! Why is it that so many of you are lonely and feel that you have no one to confide in? Could it be that you have built walls of protection based on a foundation of mistrust surrounded by a sea of pain? How do you get beyond so you can open the door and let others in?

It will be easier for some than others. Slaying the dragon of fear takes courage. The first step is to remove yourself from the label of victim. The “poor me” stories must end. Today. No longer see yourself as one that others can trample on. Building your self-esteem is key. How to do this? Develop skills of positive thinking.

Whenever you feel or catch yourself saying derogatory things about yourself or others, stop and change your thoughts. Know that you are a unique being, fully capable of love, respect and trust in yourself and in the eyes of others. Low self-esteem is a habit, as well as playing the role of victim.

We understand that all of you have been hurt by others, whether on the physical, mental or emotional level. Thus is the nature of the world you live in. This need not be so. It is within the power of each of you to learn to be more responsible for your words and behaviors when it comes to respecting the Earth and all her inhabitants.

How to slay the pains of the past and present? Forgiveness is the key. Personally removing yourself as a “victim” is the lock. Prepare to empower yourself by taking a look back at these pains with an objective point of view. No matter how painful the situation, your healing will begin when you can release the emotions that have you locked inside your castle.

Know that when you return to the past to rectify a situation, you can ask your Spirit Guides for assistance. You can ask that you go back as an observer, simply watching the movie without re-living the pain you felt during those times of distress. Practice doing this until you have it mastered. This will make it easier for you to face your greatest fears and hurts.

Go within by quieting your senses. Retreat to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Get into a comfortable position and relax, letting go of the worries of the day. Focus on your breathing as you allow your body to relax. Invite your Guides to help you with this process. Tell them you would like to review the scene without the pain that was incurred during the initial event.

Your purpose in going through the review process is to begin removing the layers of negative thoughts and emotions that are now blocking you from a life of joy. Allow yourself to go back to a situation that has caused you much grief. Know that you will not die, that your grief is manageable and that healing is possible. If you have deep wounds and traumas, we suggest you practice with lesser events first, until you master the ability to return to the scene as an objective viewer.

Arm yourself with your sword of awareness and prepare to face your dragon of fear. As you observe the scenario that you have chosen, be mindful of the emotions you feel. Pay attention to your role in the situation. What are you saying? How are you acting? What do you hear? What do you smell? Be as objective as possible. Be as honest as you can when it comes to your role in the situation. There may have been times when you were completely helpless and at the mercy of your perpetrator. Yet you do not need to continue to feel as though you are a victim. This label will perpetuate throughout every aspect of your life until you are able to slay it.

Look objectively at how the situation arose in the first place. What was your role in setting it up? Were there some bad judgments you made that set up the possibility for the event? Are you still beating yourself up for your bad choices? If so, take time now to release those feelings. There are many methods you can take. One way is to forgive yourself. Forgiveness is simply acknowledging that all involved were doing the best they could at the time. Even though you may know what you were doing was not right or is causing pain to another, you are simply doing the best you can within the belief codes and pain that you were experiencing at the time. You can continue to live your life consciously causing pain to yourself or others; this is part of free will, but it will not give you joy.

Are you ready to slay the dragon and begin to change your behaviors in order to become a more loving and compassionate person? It can happen in the twinkling of an eye, whenever you make the conscious choice to stop beating yourself up or convincing yourself that this is your lot in life. There are many stories of people who have turned their lives around. They are people just as you, who have taken the time to accept responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions. They have slain their dragons and now soar with the eagles. Is this something you desire? Only you can loose your chains of bondage.

Let us return to the past scenario that has caused you such grief. Observe objectively. Many times, you will see that there were things you could have said or done to prevent the situation from arising in the first place. Forgive yourself and consider this a learning experience. This holds true for those of you who allowed the experience to continue for a long period of time. Take time often to review ways you can act if a future situation arises so it will never go to the depths that it did in your past. This will give you a sense of power and control over your life. You will come to realize that this dragon will never raise its hideous head again.

Perhaps as you return to the past event, you recognize there was nothing you could have done to protect yourself from the event occurring. There are times when people find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Know that in the future, if you find yourself in a similar situation, you can call on your Spirit Guides to help protect you.

There are untold stories of miraculous, unexplainable events that occur which helped people to escape harm in various situations. Help is always at your side. In the event that you find yourself in what appears to be a helpless situation, remaining as calm as possible will allow you to hear the guidance from your Spirit Helpers and you will find ways to escape the dilemma. Know that all things are possible. This is one way to help slay the dragon of victimhood. You must empower yourself with confidence and know that you are never alone.

Going back to the scenario that you are trying to heal, at that time you probably didn’t know you could call on Spirit Helpers. You may be asking, “Why didn’t they help me then?” The answer is simple, you didn’t ask. They are not able to intercede for humans unless they are asked. You can take time now to give them permission to assist you in future events that endanger your life or cause you extreme pain or strife. You can ask them now to help you find ways to overcome the fears and pains of the past. They are always at your side and happy to be of assistance.

Understand they will not prevent you from experiencing all events that are less than pleasant for there are many complexities involved in the setup of your life Path. This would impinge on many opportunities for your growth, for like a diamond, its value comes from extreme pressure. However, they can help you avoid dilemmas that are not yours to endure. For example, you may have a strong feeling not to go to the bank one day, only to find out later there was a bank robbery going on at the time you would have been there.

Develop a relationship with your Guides. Learn to recognize them when they try to communicate with you. Many of you have blocks of unbelief that shuts down communication. Work past these codes and develop a relationship with your personal Guides. All of your ancient and modern religions speak of Angelic Beings. Much of your art from prehistoric times to the present depict various forms of Beings, both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial. They do exist; allow yourself to believe. Untold miracles will happen in your life as you learn to work co-creatively with these conscious Beings.

Each of you has what is sometimes referred to as the Higher Self, the part of you that remains in other Dimensions. What you know as “you” is only a fragment of the whole of who you are. There is an unseen strand that connects you at all times with your Higher Self for advice and comfort. There are many books offering advice on how to connect with your Higher Self. Seek out ones you are intuitively drawn to.

We will not get into the whole creation process at this time. Simply know there are Beings of love and light that are beyond your senses of sight and sound. They are here to serve you. They are in awe of you, for they know the difficulties and extreme patience it takes to be a Human Being. Many of us have declined offers to enter your Dimension for it is too dense and dark. We offer assistance to those of you who have chosen to come here to experience physicality. It is our extreme pleasure to be able to assist you as you find your way through the maze leading to conscious living.

As you return to the scenario that you wish to heal, call on your Higher Self to help you better understand the purpose of what happened in the past. Many times, you will be amazed at what you discover. Perhaps it was a tragic event that now allows you the opportunity to assist others going through similar situations. Perhaps the tragedy has allowed you to grow in ways you might never have attained before.

It is not uncommon for children who have suffered extreme abuse to overcome the hate and fear of their perpetrators and then spend their time creating ways to stop this behavior from happening to others. Many times the perpetrators themselves can be healed from the wounds that allowed them to go to such extremes. Forgiveness of self and others is most important in being able to move forward in life. No one knows fully what another is experiencing or the reasons behind the choices they make. Do not be quick to judge others until you have walked a mile in their shoes. This does not exonerate others from the choices they made that were oppressive to others. However, with compassion and through forgiveness of yourself and others, you can release the fear and pain associated with being the victim or the perpetrator.

Perhaps in the scenario, you were the one responsible for causing the pain to others. It is most likely that you suffered abuses in your past, as well. We suggest you take the above advice and go back further in your past and heal the wounds that you received. You will then be better equipped to forgive yourself of your transgressions.

Now we wish to address those who were at the mercy of others who forced themselves upon you. Physically there was no way you could protect yourself. In many cases, it wasn’t even a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Although you may qualify under the classical definition of the word “victim,” know that you have the power within you to move beyond that belief code and to live a more fulfilling and rewarding life. There are a variety of ways to slay the dragon of victimhood.

First, you must fully desire to give up your role as victim. Many of you have identified yourself so closely with this role that it has become a part of you. You retell your story over and over to others, ad nauseum. This may sound harsh, but it is true. Do you see yourself in this pattern? If you truly want to break away, then you must stop telling your story. It is time to go beyond. Accept any part of the scenario that you were responsible for, forgive others involved and by all means stop identifying yourself as a victim.

Others of you hold dearly onto your victimhood by holding your dirty secret within. You won’t allow even yourself to go back and revisit the situation. You have developed belief codes that people are not safe, they are out to get you, etc. Again, we suggest going through the process and moving out of the victim role that keeps you locked in fear and depression.

The majority of you are in the middle. Whenever anyone shares their story with you, there are generally three ways the victim responds. They relate to the other by saying things such as “Yes, I experienced that, too.” Then you continue to commiserate and add more fuel to the fire by connecting your negative thoughts and feelings. No healing takes place. In fact, the role of victim between both of you and throughout the universe has just been strengthened. Remember, negative thoughts and feelings glop together, gaining strength.

The second thing that generally happens is that the person who brings up the past experience is seeking to gain support for their role as a victim, whether they are doing it consciously or not. When they come across a person that offers to help them overcome their victim role, they blow them off with statements such as, “You don’t understand me!” Then they walk away, remaining in their comfort zone of being a victim.

Perhaps the most damaging are those who refuse to speak about their traumatic experiences. They hide within their shells, never allowing themselves to feel the repressed emotions. They view the world as bad and have total mistrust for all others. Their isolation deepens as others hurt them along the way. There is no sense of responsibility or control. No matter where they go or what they do, they expect to get hurt. You know what? This is exactly what occurs. Like attracts like; it is a law of this universe. If you believe strongly that something bad will happen, it will, for that is where you keep your attention. Belief is the force that creates your reality. It can work to your benefit or to your demise.

The whole purpose in us bringing forth the teachings in this book is to encourage you to face your fears. Change your behaviors and slay the dragons that keep you from living a life of joy! Share these teachings. Encourage others to face their fears by supporting them when they endeavor to change their belief codes. No matter how strange others may choose to speak, dress or behave, love them just as they are. Do you wish anything less for yourself?

Those who wish to assist others in overcoming their fears will be of most help when they have done their own homework. It is easy to see the weaknesses of others, but much harder to see it within yourself. Allow others to grow at their own pace. You may offer advice or assistance, but it is not healthy to force your position onto others; this is no different that what has already been experienced by those who have had others force their will on them.

A rapist does just as much damage to his victim as does a friend who insists someone follows their advice. In either case, the other person feels helpless and disempowered. See this, feel it, know this is true. Offer assistance, but never force it upon anyone. Each of you can take only so much change at a time. You each walk to the beat of a different drummer, thus your pace is different.

Practice loving all unconditionally. Express your love by accepting them as they are. When each of you learns to do this, you will have gained the world and be able to receive all the blessings that are offered to you. This can be done in the twinkling of an eye. In an instant, you can transform this world back into the paradise that it once was. It is simply a matter of choice and intention. Your will be done. We hope these words reach your heart and assist you in making better choices for yourself. We wish you a day full of wonder and joy!

Selamet!  Cimi 1


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Reverend Theresa Crabtree


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