From my my amazingly clairvoyant friend Jeff…good synopsis!-A.M.
Hey you mind taking us off your political email forwards?

DemocraticLogoGOP_Logo1.svgThere are no Democrats or Republicans, just Americans. My view about politics is that it is created and maintained by shadowy interests who have no real regard for bettering average people. Corporations and banks own virtually every major news outlet and present the most biased News they can come up with to keep people divided and fighting each other. If you’re divided you’re not going to rock their boat, their power. They themselves are apolitical. The only thing that gets on the news is what they decide. Americans are said to be the least informed on the planet mostly I feel because of the sin of omission by the media networks. What they leave out of the news is staggering. Here’s a story that should be headline news, but will probably never even get a mention on corporate media.

Here’s a clip of what happens when a personality from Fox news actually speaks the truth in a five-minute commentaries. He gets removed.

So this is a long winded answer, but I wanted you to understand that I don’t defend either party. We should be critiquing the shadowy figures running the system, not each other.