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I had called my friend Jeff on Christmas Day to relay what I was being called to do and how I saw a massive vortex consuming smaller vortices around the planet. I mentioned that it continued to grow and he immediately saw some planetary work he was being called to do.

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I was then hailed on Christmas Eve to “go and receive instructions” so we did this on Christmas Day at 5:55 pm. It was friggin freezin…and I mean 26 degrees in Sunny San Diego that night!!! Steve and I were called to intertwine and connect all grids of The Light and began repairing holes, tears, and rips anywhere there was one, within the Guardian Grid IN PARTICULAR per God Himself. They began showing me underground parking lots as an example where the pillars that hold up each floor were of utmost priority. We began working on those and “cinched” up dimensional fields between Agartha, The Surface and The Ship locales. It was as if we were tightening the laces and drawing them closer to one another so that they all functioned as one autonomous unit. I began to see all of the platonic solids coming into one sacred geometric shape. It was actually a representation of unifying all space/time continuums for this reality. I knew this was HUGE for the planet and despite freezing my you know what off, I was tap dancing since I had a knowingness what was involved.

First we began in Norway, sealing up holes and breaks in the grid there, then down into southern USA, around Alabama/Mississippi area(?), then Siberia, Russia, over to the middle of the South Pacific, then to Alaska (HAARP related I was told), then to the southern Australian Coast, over to Machu Picchu (no surprise there as this is affiliated with specific gates), the Bermuda Triangle, out in the ocean to the west of Japan, between Tibet and China, Israel which encompasses the entire Middle East, the Greek islands, into the Mediterranean and beyond. This area was a HUGE hole and no grid was seen anywhere. In fact no remnants of a grid existed whatsoever, so we were directed to build one and attach the fringe of other in tact areas in a circumference pattern so to speak. We were told this would take a while and since we were both shaking and freezing, it was suggested that we check back later. We commanded that the building there and the repairing elsewhere continue on and it did. When I asked Father God why there was such focus by the dark on this sector of the planet, he showed me the seal of man – a circle with a point in the middle of it, like you would draw with a compass. I asked so this is the center of the planet? And I was told yes according to an exit gateway for humanity. I saw an arched set of tunnels taking us out of this existence and into the galaxy. When I asked when would we finally be free of these parasites, He assured me that the decree had been given and we were very close.

At 5:51 pm my phone rang, which I ONLY brought with me to make sure we were timely in beginning our ceremony, and it was Tory Smith. We spoke later on after the ceremony, and he told me he was being called to do some “cleaning house” techniques and we both agreed something huge was underway. I shared what Jeff had reviewed with me and he too relayed that Father God had definitely told him a date had been given for the ascension leap. Tory and I both agreed we were under severe attack with energetic weapons, as I was down for the count the day after Christmas, home in bed recuperating.

It feels different in the air today – there is a sense of magic unveiling on a mass scale around the planet and beyond soon….


After almost four years of non-stop work with Galactic Connection, I am finally going to take some time off. My right hand woman Bibi Tinsley will be able to assist you with any administrative needs you may have. Her address is

I am wishing you a fantabulous new year!  All of our hard work has paid off and we are very close to major shifts in the near future so keep your energies up. I myself am in need for some down time.