This reiterates so much of what I have been saying for a couple of years…see what you feel about these words…-A.M.

Galactic Transmission

Galactic Transmission

Yes, it’s true, you are SO ready to go! And yet today you seek to understand why there are so few of you among so many lightworkers to be the ones who fully awakened and ready. While it is no secret that many millions of Light Beings chose to incarnate on earth to participate in the grand ascension experiment that is now in its final stages of completion, it is also no secret that those same lightworkers became caught up and mired in the programming of 3d reality that they came here to change. You see, it wasn’t just that you chose, it was that you, as the members of the PAT, were CHOSEN. You were the chosen ones.

Oh yes, we feel your hesitancy in accepting that, for in 3d reality, ‘chosen one’ connotes those who are more special, held in high esteem, that you are better than others, and, while it is true that you are special and held in high esteem here in the higher realms, you are no better or less than anyone else.

BUT, let it be understood that you were ESPECIALLY chosen for the mission of ascension on planet Earth. And why were you chosen? Because it was not only understood that you would get the job done, but it was a certainty that you could do it and not fall back into forgetfulness – it was known that even when the veil of forgetfulness was placed upon you, that you would remember who you really were and what you had set forth to accomplish.

And so you were placed and scattered all over different parts of the earth as anchors, and portals, and wayshowers. You were the backup plan to the back up plans. And eventually the call was put out, so that you could find your way back to each other.

From the time you all were very young, you KNEW there was something different about you, that the world you lived in did not match the world of your dreams. Even those who do not have the visions, knew that something was not right and searched for the answers to the questions that would not be stilled in their minds. It was because you held memories of ascension in other places and times, and though you were not cognizant of these memories, it was those very memories, those inner nudgings, that drove you to delve deeper and deeper into your own spiritual awakening and remembering of who you truly are and what you came here to do. It was your fail safe. And you, the PAT, were the HR’s fail safe.