Hi Dear people on this board,

There is a message from the team of Georgi Stankov that I would like to share with you.  He informs us about his activities on a very regular basis through his personal website.  This is what was transcribed

from the HS (higher self) of one of the members of his group, the PAT team (=Planetary Ascension Team).  There are some technical terms in it, which are explained immediately below here:

HS stands for higher self

April is a member of the PAT= planetary ascension team, who is the author of the text.
ID-split means the process of InterDimensional change (or ascension) where energies and timelines  convergerge and diverge., from 3D(dimension) to 5D basically – related to the earth A(5D) A/B(4D) and B(3D)


I will probably not post these message very regularly.  I decided to do so on this occasion because this is an important moment in terms of energies; perhaps some of you may be into this.  For further updates

please see http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/


friendly greetings, Marijn


quadrantmath“Can you feel it? Yes indeed, the bliss, the expansiveness, the lightness, you have arrived on the shores of 5D. The unity web has been fully severed/SPLIT  from the bounds of 3D. As a result, ALL of the ascending masses have lifted tremendously, and are now sorted or are oscillating/resonating/residing within their appropriate timelines/ dimensional frequencies, A/B or A. Timeline B is no longer in the equation, as anything of significance other than noting/witnessing it’s historical collapse.

Please keep in mind that all of this has happened energetically, as you can so aptly feel/sense/experience. And as has been stated before, the very last action to commence is the full “physical” manifestation of that which came energetically before. Therefore, it may not look as if you are residing in 5D and/or above right now, your bodies may not be reflecting your true ascended form, but you ARE inhabiting it FULLY never the less. You can feel this, can you not? Just as others can feel this of you, and are drawn to you in compounding circumstance.

And while looking around, it may look like the same old Earth/Gaia, but in truth, no, it is the New Earth. In your third eye you see this, the beautiful new shores that you’ve finally arrived upon. The sparkling new energies, INCLUDING YOURSELVES, flooding and nourishing all. YOU ARE HERE! You simply await the current 3D facade to crumble, as has begun in earnest now without energetic support, REVEILING/UNVEILING of all that NOW TRULY exists, thanks to all vibrations in service of the Divine Plan.

The PAT detonation and supernova DID very much happen. Just perhaps not in the way you might have expected. And as a result of this, and the entire rollercoaster ride of that process, you created the lift/SPLIT of the timelines, severing the moorings of the unity web from 3D. Freeing/opening the way for mass ascension. Now it is up to them to decide how far up the ascension ladder that they will climb, and how fast they will climb it. Their only obstacle at this point is themselves.

Again, this ENTIRE final affair has been done in gradations/increments as was deemed necessary and explained countless times. But now the terms “gradations” and “increments” are already on their way out and the new descriptive words entering are“extremely rapid snow-balling transformation of experience.” As the physical rapidly catches up with the energetic shifts/movements.

I realize this is not exactly the way ascension has been inferred or perhaps contextualized before, but it would have been very difficult and confusing to explain and disheartening to hear, if explained to you prior to this moment, prematurely.

But you have arrived! And you are encouraged to take a few moments to turn around and look back at just how far, how vast that distance was that you crossed in this lifetime, in all lifetimes. For look/sense around you, the entire PAT HAS MADE IT!”