December 7th, 2012

I was present at this channeling session – important message for all… Laura Williams
Welcome again to the gate keepers, and welcome to the new ones that join this energy. We have much to share with you tonight. Time as you know it on this planet is compressing, is being squeezed. As I’m sure you’ve all noticed at the beginning of the day, you cannot remember how much has passed in the day before and at the end of the day, you wonder where the day went. Time is accelerating. It is only at about 10% of its acceleration, but will reach its critical point of 100%, which will happen “soon”.  We know you find that word amusing, but it’s the only word that we have when the dates are flexible. Every thought, every action, every breath you take shifts the date, shifts the impact, shifts the quality. Because of this acceleration, it is vitally important to all of you and all those you touch and all those you speak to, that you speak your truth in a gentle way, you speak it clearly, you speak it concisely and you do not concern yourself about how it is responded to or how it is taken. This truth must be known. It is time for people to be prepared. Every seed of light you plant will spread and grow into another seed and another seed and another seed. It is not for you to concern yourself to how fast it spreads or who it spreads to as long as that seed is a seed of light. There is an acceleration point coming very close (12-12-12), several days that will move from 10% to 40%. If you consider how long it has taken to get to 10%, moving 10 to 40% (at least that is our estimation), is going to create some difficulties with some of those around you.  At all costs, you must remain centered and balanced.There is no time for indecision, there is no time left for your human negative ego to exist. Within the next 3 months there will be 4 shifts. As these shifts happen, they not only happen to you, they happen to the living entity that you live on and walk on that you call Mother Earth. So a 30% shift from now and the next few days will be intense for you and for the entity that you live on. Take care of yourselves and those closest to you. You are all working very hard on other levels, in other dimensional realities, and as the host calls “the dream time” to help smooth rough edges down to the shifting, to assist and prepare others for the changes. Much of the work you are all doing will change drastically in the times to come. Your work will be work of service and only service. Those that are doing jobs that are not of service in this process, those jobs will simply fall away. You must have faith that all that you need will be provided for. This is currently being arranged. This has to become a deep part of your soul. The doubt and the fear will go against the work that is being done for you. There is no longer any time for excuses. Prepare yourselves for a short time, possibly several months of providing for yourself of light, food and water. This is not to create fear, it is not to alarm, it is simply common sense. The energies that support you, the energies that help you will do everything that is possible to make this ride smooth as possible, but you must do your part.
 It is difficult for you to stay balanced and centered when it is in human nature to feel fear. It is imperative that no stress and no fear be brought into your being as these changes happen. Grounded, centered action is what is required of all of you. Do not allow, and it is a choice, do not allow the energies of the chaos around you to get you off your center. It is imperative for this to flow smoothly. If you need help to stay centered, ground in the Mother Earth. Ground on this living entity that is there to support you. The second you feel out of balanced, stop, breathe, ground.
(After the 12-12-12 shift), the next three shifts, first between the 21st and 23rd of this month, December. galactic timing 15,65,48. This timing is flexible. This timing is created by thought. The next shift is January 16 in your year 2013. The next shift, February 9th, 2013.
This entity you call Mother Earth is a galactic library, contains all the DNA of all the galaxies. You are the keepers, the librarians for a lack of a better explanation. This will take you to a place of living in harmony on the planet, at a much higher vibration that you currently have. In harmony with all that exists here, this planet, the energy of this planet is the energy of love, it is the energy of caring, it is the energy of nurturing, it is the energy of holding sacred.
Trust that things are being put in place for this to happen. There has been great opposition to many of the plans that are being put in place. They are happening, they are just not happening in the time line that was desired.
You are beaming with light. Trust. You are exactly where you need to be, and when it needs to change it will. You will meet people, you will do things, you will all be exactly in the right timing. Trust.
We thank all of you for the service that you give on a daily basis and all that you do.
What we have to say next is very important and it is very important that you don’t misunderstand what we say. Each and every one of you is indispensable. Each one of you is unique, each one of your vibrations is unique. In all groups that have tasks together in common, we say you are indispensable because 1+1 = 3 ,… +1 = 10,… + 1 = 1,000. So each one becomes indispensable.  It is important to understand what we are saying. The uniqueness of each one adds to the vibration of the whole exponentially. In this way, you create and manifest on the planet in much more effective ways than you do individually.
The next shift from 10% to 40% (12-12-12), it is important on that day, that the day is devoted to connection: connection to our higher source, connection to that energy which guides all of us, the energy that actually connected beyond us as the ancient ones. This work goes beyond the Creator God of this world. This work goes beyond what is known of, what is known by you of this universe. This plan is much bigger than that. This plan is orchestrated beyond what any energy of the heavenly bodies, of the galactic bodies, of the ancient ones completely understands. Even we hate to admit we don’t know everything, but this shift on this planet, this movement of vibration on this planet is a key in a dynamic that will affect many other planets. This is not the only planet that is shifting. The vibration on the 12th is extremely significant, and so I say this to all of you, if you can give away any responsibilities that day, if you can take the time to just stay connected from midnight on the 11th to midnight on the 12th. It is not required for you to stay in mediation for 24 hours. The peaks in this shift will happen at midnight (on the 11th) and at noon and midnight on the12th. You could relax, you could sleep, you could go about enjoyable things in between these peaks but it is important you do not get into the movement of the outside world. It is important that you stay focused. It is important that you stay aware that day. For those that work it would be important for you to call in sick.
(The following paragraph was explained by the channel before the Ancient Ones channeling)
Thousands of portals have and are being activated and will soon be activated, and thousands of gatekeepers are awakening to their task of opening portals / gates.  Some are for transport to ships, underground caves, to hollow earth.  Others are ascension gates for those on this planet not yet awakened, walking though the ascension gates (for many) would be like taking one more step.  People will think they are still in the same physical place on earth (so not to alarm them and create fear), when they have perhaps “stepped” into a hologram on a ship.  Once their physical body has adjusted, ascended, they will be gently awakened to the changes taking place for their return to earth. Every portal is slightly different. Some are rejuvenation sites.  Sit in the gate to rejuvenate.  For the thousands and thousands of gatekeepers, you are awakening quickly.  When the time comes (soon), you will know where your portal is.  Your vibration will activate them. You will need to be physically at your portal to activate it. Ask your higher self if you are a gatekeeper, and if so, use your tools to determine the location, the platform (within the gate) to activate, and the time to activate. The gatekeepers present at this channeling will not be going through their gate.  They are opening this for others and using their tools to ensure others’ safety. Their work on earth will continue once the gates are opened.  They are and will be protected.
Each portal is different, and portals will be activated at different times. There are many portals all over the planet and all for various purposes and at this time.  Some of them are closed down permanently.
We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.”Arthur C. Clarke

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