Published February 18, 2013

meteorite fragmentsTiny fragments of the meteorite that blew apart over Russia may be worth more than their weight in gold.

Amateur enthusiasts and scientists alike are scrambling to find bits of the meteorite that streaked across the morning sky over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk Friday at a hypersonic speed of at least 33,000 mph and shattered into pieces about 18-32 miles above the ground.

Hundreds were injured following a sonic blast that shattered windows, but scattered amid the broken glass are bits of space rock — and enthusiasts will pay dearly for them, said Dmitry Kachkalin, a member of the Russian Society of Amateur Meteorite Lovers.

“The price is hard to say yet … The fewer meteorites that are recovered, the higher their price,” Kachkalin told Reuters. He estimates that chunks could be worth up to $2,200 per gram — more than 40 times the current cost of gold, the news agency said.

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