Saturday, October 12, 2013

For those of you in the states, what happens to the view when you don’t have any quarters? Can you use this coin-operated binoculars?

No way.

Everyone knows about it.

Everyone understands it.

This next one may make you laugh, but it gets an important point across:

Can you eat coins for breakfast? LOL! Most certainly not!

What happens when the people who sell breakfast will not take your money?

What happens when the people who wish to buy your breakfast have credit cards that won’t work, and currency that has no value–for the short term? In the Long Term, all the money–just like when the Francs and Liras and Florins got converted to the Euro– in the Long Term, once things get ‘set up’ everyone is going to be able to ‘trade in’ for the new system of currency.

Until then–Will you write a check?

Until then–If people write you a check, Will you accept it?

Will you accept a voucher and a temporary loan that has been given out on an emergency basis by the new government?

I don’t know. It’s up to us.

That’s why the title of this is ‘You Might Want To Start Thinking About It’…it’s Time.
We are poised on the brink of total global financial collapse. Already the US Federal Government has been pared down to essential services…but what about the furloughed workers? What happens to them when they can’t pay rent or buy groceries? What happens to them when their credit cards are maxed out?

What happens in a hurricane, a storm, or a big Natural Disaster?
Well, when ONE part of the world gets ‘hit hard’ the OTHER parts of the world pitch in and ‘Help Out’. They send teams and supplies and services ‘to help the other get back on their feet’, do they not?

What happens when the usual way of sending supplies, teams, and services is not working?
We are left with EACH OTHER, are we not?

In World War II, my grandmother would lie to the neighbors who came knocking at her door looking for flour. Her mother owned a bakery, and they were set with just enough for the family. Mother would be upset how her mom would lie to others like that–but they were all starving. And the fact of the matter was, there was just enough for the children. Nana wouldn’t eat meals, and would say, ‘she wasn’t hungry’ when her children asked her why she did not eat.

That war scenario is very 3D.

We are heading into 5D. There are no deceits in 5D. The auras interact and truth is known. So NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU WITHOUT YOUR KNOWING IT during the global financial Re-Set that will be triggered by The Event to take down the Illuminati and Cabal run central banking system.

There is a whole new, fair system THAT IS NOT GLOBAL ready to come online. Each country will have their own form of this new currency that is one hundred percend illuminati-free and cabal-free. But as you know with other computer systems, there is some ‘down time’ needed to ‘go live’ with the new system. And this time is about two weeks–a little more, a little less.

So For YOU:

  • Have enough medicine ready if you take it every day.
  • what do you have to offer if your plan is to barter for essential goods and services?
  • Will you use Silver or Gold or other precious metals as a back up plan?
  • Will you use cash or checks?
  • What about the little paper form they fill out when the credit card machine doesn’t work?
  • Would you be willing to trade goods with neighbors so you each get something you need?
  • Who will you Help Out who might not be able to look after themselves in this situation–kids who are at school and parents aren’t there yet? Shut-ins and the elderly?
  • Will you bring soup to the Inner City or anywhere else where people are panicking?
You already know the answer! It is your Mission, your Purpose, and your chance to Assist. If you meditate and ‘tune in’ to your Heart Center and Inner Guidance, you can’t go wrong!
So For Businesses:
  • Do you plan to stay open? There will be no looting–in 5D the energies are chill, not ‘mob’
  • What will you accept? Money? Gold? Jewelry? Barter? Voucher? Little credit card slips?
  • How will you pay your SUPPLIERS? You will run out of stock and THEY will need payment.
  • Who might you turn to if one of your Suppliers says, ‘no way!’ Is there a back up?
  • Are there other businesses you can ‘swap’ with in a pinch–for example, they have noodles and you have produce?
  • How will you keep others calm? Business as usual is an excellent way to promote ‘calm’.
  • How will you pay your workers? What will they accept? And what if they do not show up to work?
  • What will you do if trash doesn’t get picked up?
  • Electricity and water and internet should be working at all times, although there might be some local disruptions.
It’s doable, living through a global financial collapse. Heck, there are entire civilizations who got along fine without money!
Some people think THIS is the answer to the situation. People are going to come right out of the sky and assist us!
I disagree. Even when our OWN astronauts come back from travel in space, there is a huge medical clearance and decontamination that has to be done. The Galactics can’t land. They can transmit information and explain and assist from their own capacity in the skies (if they do exist, right?–just kidding. I know for a fact they do, I’ve felt them.) They are our family, and very loving, and NICE.
So for those of us here on Gaia’s surface? Tell you what I think–when we each put our ‘two cents’ in and do the homework and come up with our own individual plan on how to handle the very high possibility of global financial collapse–together it might turn out much better than you might imagine!
Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc

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