extra extra newspaperObama to propose deep nuclear arms cuts: report
Washington (AFP) Feb 10, 2013 – US President Barack Obama will use his State of the Union address on Tuesday to call for dramatic cuts in nuclear arsenals around the world, The New York Times reported late Sunday. Quoting unnamed administration officials, the newspaper said that in recent months Obama had secured agreement with the US military that its nuclear force can be cut by roughly a third. In his speech Obama is … more

Navy SEAL who killed Bin Laden breaks his silence
Washington (AFP) Feb 11, 2013 – The Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden broke his silence Monday, recounting in an interview the night he shot the Al-Qaeda leader three times and the financial anxiety he now faces as an unemployed civilian. The commando kept his identity secret in the Esquire magazine profile but revealed his role in the daring May 2011 raid for the first time, as well as the worries he has for his family … more

US withdraws military equipment through Pakistan
Kabul (AFP) Feb 11, 2013 – The US military has started to withdraw equipment from Afghanistan through Pakistan ahead of next year’s deadline for combat troops to leave the war against the Taliban, an official said Monday. Two convoys, each hauling 25 shipping containers, entered Pakistan at the Chaman and Torkham border crossings on Sunday as part of the US redeployment of equipment from Afghanistan, US Lieutenant Col … more

US is target of massive cyber-espionage: report
Washington (AFP) Feb 10, 2013 – The US intelligence community has concluded that America is the target of a massive cyber-espionage campaign that is threatening its competitiveness, The Washington Post reported late Sunday. Citing unnamed officials, the newspaper said the conclusion is contained in the National Intelligence Estimate, a classified report that represents the consensus view of the US intelligence community. … more