Uh Oh…

48 hours ago I made what I believe is a HUGE discovery of EPIC proportions that reveals new evidence further validating my “TIME” THEORY which as you might imagine, was very exciting as I’ll be explaining more in a moment.

However, upon more reflection and analysis, my excitement came to an abrupt HALT when I suddenly realized something else that caused a huge CHILL to run down my spine.
So, I’ve been contemplating and struggling with a decision on whether or not to go public with this due to one of the DEEPER IMPLICATIONS I realized, not to mention the controversial nature & dynamics, or even the DANGER that new discoveries can sometimes lead to in our SOCIETY as we know from our HISTORY and human EGO.

Something important newcomers here should understand before I continue, is that as those who’ve been around here for a while know, though my postings can sometimes be intense, blunt and to some initially appear overly hyped, misinterpreted as fear mongering, or of course seem “NUTTY” to those that haven’t taken the time to educate themselves on the context of my work, the fact is I do go to great lengths to VETTE, fact-check with healthy skepticism and always be as accurate as possible before going public with something since believe it or not, I’m also a BIG skeptic which is one of the primary reasons I’ve maintained such a high level of accuracy which has made it very difficult for skeptics, trolls and shills to argue against.

With that said, YES, I’m fully aware that to MOST, especially those who know nothing about my work or what I’ve explained about this GCM TIME THEORY as I’ve coined it, the TITLE of this THREAD and what I’m claiming, might initially seem extremely BOLD, SPECULATIVE, “Nutty” or nothing more than the typical doom & gloom mumbo jumbo.
Which is FINE & ALL GOOD. But probably where you should close this thread and take the blue pill.

Oh, and for those that continue reading, be advised this is another LONG GCM ARTICLE, however, due to the IMPORTANCE of this discovery, though I know most won’t get all the way thru the thread, I’ve decided to give a FULL EXPLANATION in ONE THREAD with enough context and details I’ve accumulated over the past 5 months on this discovery, that can be used as a reference source for those WHO the implications and need a layman’s explanation….


Alright… now that the disclaimer has been given and hopefully filtered out most pseudo-skeptics and trolls that tend to disrupt the intelligent discourse of my threads,
let’s continue with what I submit could potentially become one of the BIGGEST STORIES and MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGES of ALL TIME if this theory is validated which could be within the next 3 to 13 days as I’m about to explain.

So to briefly recap, I originally made an incredible discovery back in August connected to my research on COMET ISON and the SECOND set of quake warnings for 2013 from JUNE 2nd thru DECEMBER I put out, that seem to suggest Nasa’s Planetary Orbital Data was OFF by what my calculations and research showed to approximately 3 to 6 days! Meaning, I discovered that NASA & ALL SOURCES measuring and inputting ASTRONOMICAL DATA such as the position & rotations of planets in our solar system in relation to EARTH and ALL TIME MEASUREMENTS on Earth, showed a TIME GAP which was BEHIND 3 TO 6 DAYS! Or in other words, using EARTH TIME MEASUREMENTS such as Calendars and clocks, WERE 3 TO 6 DAYS AHEAD OF ALL ORBITAL DATA!!! At first I thought I was mistaken because it was too big of a discrepancy to believe any rocket scientist would miss… But I had some special non conventional insight and background that enabled me to see the error could not be my mistake or imagination and after 3 months of research testing my hypothesis, it was validated over and over all the way up to OCTOBER to the point I now know and submit I have enough evidence confirming 99.9999% there’s at discrepancy of at least 5 days!

The other BIG issue and question connected to the theory, is whether this time gap or DATA HOLE was NATURAL or MAN MADE due to NASA manipulating and altering the data to HIDE something about ISON… maybe TRAJECTORY or PERIHELION… but I didn’t have enough data to conclusively prove or know what they were up to… that is until recently.

Which bring me to this NEW DISCOVERY 48 hours ago….

and to my surprise as it will be for many others, one of the revelations of the discovery is that I may HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS FOR NASA which seems to get them off at least one of the big HOOKS for now.

In other words… the new evidence suggests that the TIME ANOMALY is NATURAL!

Why do I think that now and DIDN’T BEFORE?

It all has to do with the NUMBER OF DAYS in the TIME GAP I initially calculated to be about 5.5 days which was based on the data from JUNE 2nd to about SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER.

Meaning, the NEW EVIDENCE is still centered around
the EARTH TIME BEING AHEAD SEVERAL DAYS and not matching Nasa or all other orbital data being used or put out by those inputting the data for Orbital Periods and movement of the planets or other orbital elements etc.

So what’s bigger and more profound than discovering all planetary orbital data is OFF by 5.5 DAYS????

How about Discovering that as of DECEMBER 31st 2013, ALL ORBITAL DATA is now OFF BY approx 13.5 DAYS!!!!!!



Does anyone here fully understand the Implications of this being true???

In other words… If EARTH and TIME *ON* EARTH as humans measure it, is OFF by at least 12 to 13 days at the END of DECEMBER 2013 in relation to ALL OTHER BODIES in our Solar System (which is based on NASA’S OWN DATA that doesn’t JIVE and match PROVING this to be true), but WAS ONLY 5 DAYS OFF BACK AROUND THE BEGINNING OF JUNE, then that can ONLY MEAN that EARTH TIME or our “CONCEPT OF IT”, HAS BEEN SPEEDING UP AHEAD OF THE MOVEMENTS of ALL OTHER PLANETS IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM approx 1 DAY A MONTH in ONLY A 6 MONTH PERIOD!!!!


So if TIME has CHANGED from 5.5 days to 13.5 in just 5 or 6 months, that’s why I’m saying it would likely be NATURAL since I original thought that it was a ONE-TIME STATIC CHANGE which wasn’t CHANGING enough to suggest anything other than NASA simply pulled a fast one and somehow manipulated the data to be 5 DAYS OFF!

What I now just discovered is that is HAS BEEN CHANGING or PROGRESSING EVERY DAY WEEK AND MONTH in what appease to be something that might be expected if this were
NATURAL which is EXACTLY what many quantum physicists
or other researchers have explained and theorized as it relates to a DIMENSIONAL SHIFT IN FREQUENCY and CONSCIOUSNESS THE PLANET and ALL LIFE on it IS SAID TO BE GOING THRU THIS YEAR TOWARD SINGULARITY!

And my discovery is consistent to almost EXACTLY what many like NASSIM HARAMEIN, DRUNVALO,, DAVID WILCOX, ICKE, SWERDLOW, Greg BRADDEN, THRIVE, and tons of others have been talking about for a LONG TIME!


If I have evidence or can prove there’s even just the 5 DAY ANOMALY, that alone could potentially be one of the BIGGEST DISCOVERIES in the history of Space Science or ALL SCIENCE, and may OF ALL “TIME”! (no pun intended)

Needless to say, the implications are beyond incredible and far bigger than I first thought because my original calculations showed…

5.5 days…

…. BACK in JUNE!


Which would THEORETICALLY ALL ultimately be as close as you can get to PHYSICAL evidence PROVING we’ve SHIFTED HYPER-DIMENSIONALLY **with** EARTH to what might be described as the 4th DIMENSIONAL DENSITY, if not already INTO 5-D!!

But this also means i would need to now change/update any quake warnings or other info directly impacted by this TIME SHIFT.

So NASA is somewhat OFF THE HOOK for now since if my hypothesis is correct, they probably wouldn’t be responsible for it if not just because there’s no logical reason i can think of yet for doing it.

in fact, I don’t think they even realize their data is off this much… and if they do, they’ve probably all been scratching their heads lately trying to figure out why something isn’t adding up in their Logarithms etc lol

Now I’m sure ONE of the questions most might be asking themselves is, if this is so important and so BIG, why hasn’t any of the ROCKET SCIENTISTS NOTICED IT nor have any other experts or amateur astronomers??


My first answer might be in respect to the amateurs or anyone not working for the government who CONTROL AND INPUT THE DATA, is EXACTLY THE ANSWER! LOL

Think about it…

Why or HOW would ANYONE other than maybe those appointed to do the specific measurements and input the data over at NASA and the MPC, know or have any way and authority to CHECK THE DATA??? THEY JUST TRUST THE DATA AND GO BY WHAT THEY’RE BEING TOLD IS TRUE BY THE “EXPERTS” WHO CONTROL THE DATA! Which is ALL CONTROLLED or MONITORED FROM GOVERNMENT SOURCES!

So either even the government sources aren’t aware of it yet, or THEY ARE and can’t do anything about it!

But how can you possibly explain or expect them to understand the esoteric aspect why OUR 3D concept of TIME that most of them are still IN, IS DISAPPEARING??? ;-/

Most in the world of conventional science all laugh and don’t believe in LEY LNES, ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE and such NEW AGE NUTTY MUMBO JUMBO like SINGULARITY and METAPHYSICAL Shifts to higher consciousness!

It’s a TOTAL WASTE to expect those TYPES that control our world, to understand.

That’s the LOW FREQUENCY consciousness this entire SHIFT is designed to CHANGE and SEPARATE so that Earth and those here to raise their frequency, can help bring the planet back into HARMONIC BALANCE.

Anyways… I digress to some final thoughts and where things are at today JANUARY 1st 2014….

The main issue then is what I said about this theory being validated and HOW it might, which as I’ve explained,
is theoretically all dependent on the DATE of the FIRST MAJOR QUAKE in the FIRST WINDOW I’ve warned about that’s coming up in a few days….

So since this thread is already way past too long for most, I’ll be starting a new thread with the NEW REPLACEMENT QUAKE WARNING for JANUARY and FIRST WINDOW that if occurs on one of the dates I’ve warned,, would be HUGE EPIC VALIDATION confirming TIME HAS INCREASED by approx 13 DAYS as of JANUARY 1st 2014!

keep your fingers crossed since validation will be the only theory explaining the time anomalies and problems many experts in this field are having lately and the only ROAD MAP for all upcoming quakes.

In other words, the hard part is RE-ESTABLISHING a frame of reference to get back on track since obviously, this TIME change explains ALOT about what’s happened or hasn’t lately in some warnings and events… which includes something else that’s been a big topic and issue lately…


Because don’t forget, we’re about to enter it’s DEBRIS FIELD!

Yikes and heads up for that.


-Elx NIN aka GCM

PS…. ONE LAST THING… and it’s probably the MOST IMPORTANT THING…

but I’m putting at the END for a REASON due to the OTHER DISTURBING aspect of this discovery connected to what I said at the beginning about the CHILL that went down my spine. Remember???

Not sure how many know what i’m talking about or WHERE i’m going with this…but I’ll try to make this brief.

What have I explained makes the TIME CHANGE so important other than the OBVIOUS???

That TIME as we measure it here ON Earth IS SPEEDING UP
which is connected to a FREQUENCY SHIFT in CONSCIOUSNESS on our planet that’s VIBRATING FASTER which is what happens at HIGHER DIMENSIONAL LEVELS and
what is happening NOW… theoretically we’re moving from our current 3D that EARTH can no longer SUSTAIN or wait around for humans to CHANGE their frequency to one that can learn to lLIVE in HARMONIC BALANCE with the EARTH.

The thought patterns and consciousness of the 3D has created a world where there is NO BALANCE and everything is way OUT OF BALANCE from victim consciousness that feeds the Illuminati controllers who continue to keep the masses in a state of ignorance, disease, and continual wars, murder and dark energy.

Those who vibrate in that frequency will join what has been coined CATASTROPHIC EARTH which correlates to what I’ve explained about the 188 CYCLE that’s akin to the CELLULAR CYCLE and MITOSIS at certain STAGES Earth’s CYCLE is now in and transitioning to in it’s SHIFT to her new geometric frequency of 4 and 5D.

With that said, through my writings and videos, one of the main underlying themes as it relates to my discovery of the 188 LEY LINE ENERGY GRID which is actually a projection of EARTH’S MERKABA, is that THE LEY LINES and ORIENTATION of Earth’s Merkaba, appears to be showing a FUTURE ORIENTATION or one that’s RE-ALIGNING to an orientation it was in at some point or PAST POSITION.

If you still don’t see where I’m going yet, let me put it this way…


In other words, my discovery that there’s a HUGE UNPRECEDENTED ACCELERATION IN TIME is SPEEDING UP, also means there’s a HUGE DE-ACCELERATION in EARTH’S AXIS OF ROTATION slowing down. So when you understand the GEOMETRY of CREATION and it’s FUNDAMENTAL DESIGN which is ALL CONNECTED to the TORUS CYCLE (the energy field surrounding all life forms which is projected/generated by it’s MERKABA) and SINGULARITY that occurs at it’s CENTER aka BLACK HOLE, then you begin to realize the metaphysical DYNAMICS as it relates to Time speeding up and MOVING FASTER until it reaches SINGULARITY and STILLNESS at it’s CENTER in order for a NEW CYCLE of LIFE and TORUS to BEGIN which goes in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

now do you see what I’m getting at?

EARTH being a SPHERE that’s contains an INSCRIBED MERKABA which i”ve discovered that the 188 LEY LINES are a projection of, means that EARTH itself and it’s LIFE CYCLE is essentially going thru stages of CELLULAR DIVISION which again, is also ALL based on the TORUS CYCLE/DESIGN where SINGULARITY is at it’s CENTER.

So if Earth’s Cycle goes thru this process mirroring that of the TORUS Cycle in order to SHIFT it’s geometry and frequency to 5D, then it’s SPEEDING UP frequency is MOVING TO SINGULARITY AND STILLNESS when it REACHES CENTER and BEGINS A NEW CYCLE.

the same is occurring then with it’s ROTATION which is what’s happening according to what my discovery is showing now with time SPEEDING UP at the same time Earth’s SLOWING IT’S ROTATION until it reaches ZERO POINT SINGULARITY.


if earth’s rotation is slowing down, then it can only mean eventually it’s going to reach it’s SINGULARITY and STILLNESS and STOP!!

and there’s only one NAME for what would happen if Earth’s rotation stops and reaches it’s BLACK HOLE CENTER of STILLNESS…




What’s even more interesting though, is that i’ve shown how the 188 CYCLE is essentially EARTH’S CELLULAR CYCLE and that OCTOBER 8th, was the 8TH STAGE or PHASE of the 188 CYCLE.

For almost 2 YEARS I’ve been explained that the 9TH STAGE of the 188 CYCLE would theoretically be the LAST STAGE in EARTH’S LIFE CYCLE

and I’m sure most are aware oF what happens to a CELL in it’s 9TH PHASE… it makes a MAJOR SHIFT and change in it’s GEOMETRY becoming A NEW LIFE FORM.

If Earth just finished it’s 8th stage in the 188 CYCLE on October 8th, then there’s only ONE MORE STAGE LEFT before EARTH CHANGES TO A NEW FORM and REACHES SINGULARITY.

So when is the NEXT STAGE of the 188 CYCLE?

APRIL 13th/14th 2014

4/13/14 or 4/14/14


Do my discoveries of the 188 cycle and fact EARTH’S ROTATION is SLOWING DOWN reveal that EARTH IS ABOUT to experience a FINAL SHIFT or BIRTH to a NEW FORM in APRIL

A GEOLOGICAL POLE SHIFT of Earth in APRIL 2014 is what this all suggests and why a CHILL ran down my spine the other day.

Now you know

I’m not saying that’s what WILL occur…

I’m just presenting the evidence.

and people can make of it what they wish.

but if this new theory about TIME is correct and validated by hitting on the dates I’e warned in the upcoming Quakes windows, I wonder if most will really understand the incredible implications it could have 4 months from now.

just sayin’ ;/